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  1. baxbax

    Which is better for organic nitrogen - Cottonseed or blood ?

    Hello, as title say I'm choosing good source of nitrogen to add supersoil Is cottonseed meal better then blood ? I read blood meal can attract pests and Its fast release nitrogen compare this with slow and long lasting cottonseed meal and Its also source of potassium Just don't know which to...
  2. baxbax

    Question about bone meal

    Hello , I was looking for bone meal Locally and a Animal feed supplier man told me Its better I use Burnt bone powder because it contains 15% P instead of using steamed bone meal contain 5% P and 15% calcium this is the analysis of steamed bone meal and its like I heard for him : Is there...
  3. L

    501st OG - Starting Week 3 Of Flower

    This is my second grow starting week 3 of flower very happy with progress flowering my 501st top:thumb: in a 15 gallon pot using a ocean forest and fox farm soil mix. Main Nutrients used - Alfalfa Meal, Bat Guano, Kelp Meal, Worm Castings. Temperature 70 F Humidity 40% Light Hydro Grow 336X-Pro...
  4. Timmo

    Is my soil magnesium deficient?

    My mix: 30 gal base (equal parts peat, perlite, and compost) 3/4 c soil sweetener 9 c EWC 1 c bat guano 1 c fish bone meal 2 Tbsp Ful-Humix 2 c Azomite 2 c basalt dust 2 c kelp meal 2 c alfalfa meal 2 c crab meal 2 c neem seed meal 1 c mycos 3/4 c yucca powder 2 c diatomaceous...
  5. L

    Lingzhi's Organics - Indoor - Multi Strain - Home Grow - Teas & Foliars

    Well since i managed to kill my last project off with too much love, im here to try again with an organic, veganic grow. I can see there is alot of potential there if done correctly. This time im using a more refined approach using pre made tea additives. Ingredients that may be in my teas at...
  6. Timmo

    Uncooked soil dilemma

    I've got a bunch of seedlings (5 wks old) that are bursting out of their 4" pots, but I only yesterday got my soil mixed up and I'm nervous about transplanting into it. Here's my mix: 30 gal base (equal parts peat, perlite, and compost) 3/4 c soil sweetener 9 c EWC 1 c bat guano 1 c fish...
  7. V

    Will this organic soil mix work?

    Soo I'm a first time grower and it's going to be an outdoor organic grow.. Would like some help in what I need to add to this mix.. I'll be using these in a simple mix. EcoScraps Organic Potting mix Soil. Ingredients are - 50% pine bark, coir, perlite, compost made from fruit and vegetable...
  8. C

    Hey there - I need all the help I can get

    Hello everyone first time growing anything and I need all the help I can get my plants look less than amazing compared to the rest on here I'm using a tomato bone meal blood meal mixed feed I have a 100 watt 70 watt and a regular CFL light in a empty room in my house I think they are starting to...
  9. J

    Can I use neem meal during flowering

    can I use neem meal during flowering as a top soil. will it change the taste of the bud? I got some little bugs and last time I got rid of it with neem meal, during vegetation.
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