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    Documentary Legalise in UK

    Hi everybody hope all is well I'm a new grower so will be back on here to ask questions once I set my stuff, in the mean time here is a link for an interesting documentary about thing we all love. BBC iPlayer - Professor Green: Is It Time to Legalise Weed?
  2. 4

    DWC first timer

    Hello all. I recently bought a full grow package from someone. It was 5 4x4, 5 1000 watt hps with switchable ballast, buckets, air stones and tubing to set it all up, and reverse osmosis setup. I have a few questions. What would get more yield, 2 plants with scrog, or 5 or 6 plants. I watched...
  3. lazyfish

    Why 420?

    Why do we commemorate 420? What does 420 mean to you? :Love:
  4. J


    Everytime I try to upload a photo the following scene will say unable to upload. Also have two photo in queue what does that mean. Thanks
  5. B

    How do I deal with super thick nutrients?

    So I am using the floor nova series of nutrients, 1 quart of both grow and bloom and last week I had to get a new nutrients syringe so I bought one with an extra long blunted needle so that The size of the bottles was no longer an issue. Well today when I put the syringe into the grow, I knew...
  6. K

    NZ: Time For Serious Debate On Cannabis Reform

    On the more difficult issues in national life, the politicians are often the last ones to act. They wait for a decisive break in public opinion before venturing a change. Sometimes not even such a swing will do it. So it seems to be going with any hint of reform to the laws on cannabis. By...
  7. P

    My 23 day old autoflower has white hairs - Does this mean it is starting to flower ?

    I am growing a auto berry autoisflower it is a cross between blueberry and grapefruit it is 23 days old above soil. It has white hairs does this mean it is starting to flower ? It is supposed to start flowering at 6 to 7 weeks and be finished in 8 to 10 weeks.
  8. S

    Fungus Gnats, Neem Meal and Beneficial Fungi

    I am growin in LOS and have a pretty huge gnat infestation. Ive let it dry right out a few times and re inoculated with mycorrhizae, put a inch thick layer of sand on top and also top dressed with diatomaceous earth but they just keep coming back. Ive heard a lot of people adding neem meal to...
  9. M

    What do the colors mean on the temp strip exactly?

    Been testing today with my real p. Having another person go for me later so temp is key. I have it with a pad tucked. After about 25 minutes 98 is brown and 96 green and 94 blue. What does that mean? So what is the temp>?
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