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  1. JimSaskFarmer

    Long time lurker

    I have checked out a few forums and as im sure you know this is by far the most sane,mature and helpful one out there so I decided to sign up. My partner is a med. user i have been know to partake in my youth but found after about age 20 didn't enjoy it anymore just got paranoid. As i said the...
  2. C

    Loving Nirvana's Raspberry Cough

    nirvana raspberry cough is becoming a favorite strain she grows beautifully under led just the perfect amount of stretch has a nice earthy taste with hints of berry and is a great med for relaxing and curbing anxiety problems yet uplifting and happy
  3. P

    PhatTommy Is Concerned - MMJ In AZ

    Well, it has been nearly a year since I received my MMJ Card (which was a wise choice). My medical conditions (pain related) have been well & truly controlled by using the appropriate medicines (Salves, and Vapes, primarily). My issue is this. Arizona is currently a "Med MMJ" State only, but...
  4. CMJJMC2000

    Chilled Aerogardens & Mars Hydro Reflector - 3rd Grow - Critical+ Auto & Med Gom 1.0

    Wow, onto my 3rd grow project already! Just to recap my history here...... February of 2016 - started up 2 x Dwarf Low Flyer's (autofem) by Crop King Seeds. 1 chilled Aerogarden with 1 Mars Hydro Reflector 48 in a 24x48x60 tent. Completed April of 2016. June of 2016 - started up another...
  5. CMJJMC2000

    Med Gom 1.0 & Massive Midget In A Chilled Aerogarden With Mars Hydro Reflector LED

    Back for my second grow! All done with the move and just got my tent set up last night. I decided to go with a CBD strain for this grow. I'm hoping I can improve on the deficiences from my last grow - mainly harvesting too early and a PH issue in late veg. No need to rush things on this one, as...
  6. O

    Need 411 on water potability test for THC AND its RX to opiates, amp and benzo's

    Gee, I must REALLY appear to be a mega mess BUT... in pain mgmt for severe nerve damage after surgeon made an oops and cut my median nerve; i could bore you with the BS... Prior to injury I lived a happy life thru modern chemistry, the basics, Adderall (or any ADD med that would work)...