1. Ron Strider

    OR: Medford Is Packing In The Pot Shops

    There are a lot of marijuana stores in and around Medford. According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, there are 10 cannabis retailers within Medford's city limits with another six just outside the city's boundaries. And from what we can tell, there are more pot shops getting ready to...
  2. Jacob Redmond

    Oregon: Voters Could See 4 Measures To Regulate Marijuana On Next Year's Ballot

    Voters could see four different ballot measures regulating marijuana next year. After Thursday's Medford City Council meetings, the ban against both recreational and medicinal marijuana grows within the city limits was split into two different measures for a future vote. The other two ballot...
  3. D

    Hi out there, Randy from Brookings Or.

    Hello I am new to the ommp program in oregon and any help or info would be much appreciate. Thanks Randy
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