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  1. lexblaze

    CBD Crew Medihaze & Dinafem/CBD Crew Critical Mass - Mars2 LED

    Howzit everyone? I'm back again trying to hone my medical cannabis skills. I usually keep it short and sweet and would like to thank everyone who had previously stopped by my previous grow journals. Today is a new beginning! So welcome once again.. and lets take this journey for the next 6-7...
  2. MrMiggy

    MrMiggy's 1st Pc Scrog - CBD Medi Haze - 2014

    Hello 420Mag, This is my first try at an indoor grow. I have tried outdoor growing before, but to no success. I am going to be growing in my 26.5" pc case The seedling is 2 days old today from sprout. Wish me luck, sit back and enjoy the grow. What strain is it? CBD Medi Haze Is it Indica...
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