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    What are the best CannaButter vendors?

    I am an L.A. based cannabis baker and am in the midst of starting my own edible company. As much as I'd love to make my own butter I would rather find a reputable company that makes perfect butter that I could buy from frequently. I'm more focused on the gourmet/baking side of edibles but want...
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    New Club in Salem!

    The Holistic Choice a new club in Salem is located at 1045 Commercial St. S.E. Salem, Oregon! Open 9am-7pm Daily, 503 990-7312. Serving the Medical Marijuana Community. Please valid cardholders only, Thanks
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    New Medibles (Edibles) have revolutionary properties as scientists are learning

    Green Daze has discovered a group of scientists who are working hand in hand with the medical marijuana industry in an attempt to legitimize the medical use of cannabis and its extracts. Currently, many of the edibles and medibles found in clubs/dispensaries and the like are targeted solely at...
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