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  1. Thirstymuppet

    What is the best strain for IBS? Admittedly a wide field!

    Hi everyone. :welcome: I see a few other threads here on the subject of IBS but none specifically on what strains are best. In the interest of helping others in the future who might search here for the same thing I thought i should start a new thread that addresses it specifically and will be...
  2. Lady G2HM

    CKS White Widow Autos 100% Organic Grow - Cher - Zsa Zsa & Celine

    Growing The Love This is a 100% organic grow indoors for medical purposes only. ;) 1. Type:White Widow Auto (Cher, Zsa Zsa & Celine) x 3 (Born Jan 17, 2017):Love: Week:2 Days:9 Temp: 24-26 Hum: 25-35% Technique:Will LST and top all three.:thumb: Comments:All 3 of these babies are...
  3. G

    Greenmachinee's - Sunsytems LEC 315W - Multi-Strain - Organic - Tent Grow

    Whats up :420: community?? I have a new grow journal that I hesitated making but decided to anyway. I currently have 4 babies in veg, you wont believe it by looking at the pics but they popped out of the ground only 9 days ago... you also wont believe this but they are only 4 inches tall with 5...
  4. J

    Dutch Bucket Hydro Seed To Harvest

    Welcome everyone to my first journal and thank you for taking the time to take a look at my garden. Everyone's welcome! Feedback, suggestions and questions are always appreciated. I have been growing using organic super soil, tea and numerous additives when resolving nutrient deficiencies...