medical cannabis grow

  1. Lady G2HM

    CKS White Widow Autos 100% Organic Grow - Cher - Zsa Zsa & Celine

    Growing The Love This is a 100% organic grow indoors for medical purposes only. ;) 1. Type:White Widow Auto (Cher, Zsa Zsa & Celine) x 3 (Born Jan 17, 2017):Love: Week:2 Days:9 Temp: 24-26 Hum: 25-35% Technique:Will LST and top all three.:thumb: Comments:All 3 of these babies are...
  2. G

    Greenmachinee's - Sunsytems LEC 315W - Multi-Strain - Organic - Tent Grow

    Whats up :420: community?? I have a new grow journal that I hesitated making but decided to anyway. I currently have 4 babies in veg, you wont believe it by looking at the pics but they popped out of the ground only 9 days ago... you also wont believe this but they are only 4 inches tall with 5...
  3. J

    Dutch Bucket Hydro Seed To Harvest

    Welcome everyone to my first journal and thank you for taking the time to take a look at my garden. Everyone's welcome! Feedback, suggestions and questions are always appreciated. I have been growing using organic super soil, tea and numerous additives when resolving nutrient deficiencies...