medical cards

  1. E

    Chicago Doctors who will sign application

    Why is it that all of the doctors in Chicago, IL are paranoid (like they've been smoking way too much bud) to sign applications stating patents have xyz medical conditions? Their excuses are "I don't know how much to prescribe"or "I can get in trouble"... uhhhh they do not prescribe ANYTHING...
  2. L

    Mass patient looking for Cannabis card but have limited medical records

    Hi everyone. I am new to the site and this is my first post. Im looking to get a medical card because i have a bad back from being hit by a car while crossing a street about 5 years ago and also have terrible insomnia/anxiety. I have some records from being hit by the car but it didnt do any...
  3. WildestViolet

    Please Get your Card if You have not done This!

    I hope that you will move my thread to the proper space for me. On Tuesday, when my dog was barking and no one had drivin up the road, I looked out my window asking my dog, who was out there..., I was greeted by a Sheriff, who asked me to come outside...So, having just gotten out of the shower...
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