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    Very heat tolerant and growing nicely
  2. B

    BBD32's First Grow - 6 Strains - 12 Plants - 1000W - Medical Grow!

    Hello all, like it says in the title I am starting my first grow with 12 plants. This is a medical grow. Here in Michigan we are allowed no more than 12 plants and no more than 2.5 ounces of usable medicine per patient. I am going to be doing a perpetual grow, hopefully my timing isn't too far...
  3. D

    Dr Gundam's - 8000W Veg - 7000W Flower - Soil - Perpetual Grow - 2014

    Yo whats up world! I have just finished constructing my basement grow. It will be about 8000w HID lighting total with 7000 in the flower room. Have got some seeds in soil and all thats left is to fill flower room with equipment! Here is a little info and will be adding pictures shortly...
  4. H

    Walk in Closet Grow Build - Looking for Input

    Hey everyone! I am in the early stages of designing my walk in closet grow, and would love any input anyone has to offer regarding the buildout, design, equipment ect. I am fortunate enough to have two walk in closets in my bed room, and am willing to sacrifice both for this project. I...
  5. B

    First Indoor HID Cab Grow- 250w MH 400w HPS

    So I have a few successful indoor harvests, but this is my first with high intensity lighting so I'm pretty pysched. Im using a 50/50 coco/perlite mix, and Pure Blend nutrients. I'm also waiting on a 4" inline fan and carbon filter that'll easily replace the air in my cabinet every 6 seconds...
  6. LeafLady

    LeafLady's Soilless Agent Orange & Fire OG

    STRAIN: Agent Orange (Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen), and Fire OG (OG Kush x SFV OG Kush F3) Clones. # OF PLANTS: 12 Agent Orange, 1 Fire OG. STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Hybrid's CURRENT STATE: Veg Week 1 GROW ENVIRONMENT: Indoor, Air Cooled, 73 degrees F. GROW MEDIUM...
  7. LeafLady

    LeafLady's Soilless Blueberry Jack Grow Journal - 2011

    Hello 420magazine.com users! I'm LeafLady. I grow Medical Cannabis for personal use aswell as for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary. I am compliant with my local state laws. Prop. 215 Patient. Check out my latest grow: STRAIN: (Blueberry X Jack Herer X NL #5) Clones. # OF PLANTS: 12...
  8. woods brother

    Auto Flowering seed questions

    I have always wanted to try auto-flowering seeds just for kicks and giggles, but time constraints are making them more attractive. I have read :reading420magazine:a lot of conflicting info and would like an experienced grower to drop some info on me, and everyone else. Basically I have heard...
  9. catster

    What happens if I keep giving grow nutes once flowering starts?

    Yeah, maybe a simple ? but I'm just learning about nutes. Thanks in advance. medical grow in compliance with CA prop215 and sb 420
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