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  1. Amy Gardner

    Amy Gardner Of Eden: Perpetually Organic

    It’s time :ganjamon: :welcome: Welcome to my first perpetual journal and my first perpetual grow. “First perpetual” sounds odd to me but when you’re just starting out, what else can you say I wonder! :hmmmm: :laugh2: This first foray into a perpetual grow is an experiment with timing as I...
  2. M

    Shiva Skunk Indoor Micro Closet Grow

    Hello everybody, this is my first time using 420 magazine to post on. I am in the middle of growing a Fem. Shiva Skunk seed from Sensi Seeds. It has been going great so far so I thought I'd make a journal and share for everybody, please ask any questions you may have, sit back and enjoy...
  3. Cannabelle

    Time - Inside The World Of Pot For Kids

    A Journey For Oil Without more research, the parents of millions of epileptic children are forced to go it alone. Many are betting on a pot-based oil that they say has a remarkable affect on curbing seizures. Go inside the quasi-legal, science-free world of medical marijuana for children.
  4. T

    Florida Firm Plans Big, Low Cost, Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

    A Florida company plans to build what it believes will be the biggest medical marijuana factory in the country, hoping the economy of scale will lower the cost of the drug which is not covered by insurance. GrowHealthy LLC will operate out of a renovated 185,000-square-foot industrial complex...
  5. L

    Mass patient looking for Cannabis card but have limited medical records

    Hi everyone. I am new to the site and this is my first post. Im looking to get a medical card because i have a bad back from being hit by a car while crossing a street about 5 years ago and also have terrible insomnia/anxiety. I have some records from being hit by the car but it didnt do any...
  6. R

    Looking for a MM Dr. in Berkshire County, MA (preferably Pittsfield)

    Hi all, I am currently looking for a doctor that will potentially prescribe medical marijuana in or around Pittsfield, Massachusetts (which is in Berkshire County). Thanks!
  7. K

    Medical Marijuana Recommendations $40 New/$30 Renewals

    Board certified medical doctors! 1 FULL year recommendation! 10-15 mins in and out GUARANTEED! 24/7 Verification Mobile doctors also available upon request! Appointments AND walk-ins accepted Open until 8PM!!! Cultivation specials for 99 plants only $99 also! Call today: (213)...
  8. T

    12 weeks veg. First grow, any suggestions?

    So this is my first grow. Before I started this grow I read up pretty heavily about growing for the first time and know your basic shit about growing but I dont have that Veteran Knowledge that some of guys have. So I need your help/tips. This is what I got: -4ftx6ftx8ft grow box that a...
  9. T

    First Grow - New Member

    Hello, I'm pretty new here on the site and also to growing but have been around the culture of marijuana for several years now. Anyways this is my first journal, feel free to leave any feedback as all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! Here we have the following: -7 plants -6-7 weeks...
  10. 4

    MMA Doctor Ontario Canada, eastern Ontario

    Hi I am looking for a medical marijuana friendly doctor that would be willing to Prescribe. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and find Marijuana a great medicine for my symptoms. I am sick of having to buy weed on the streets, and having to be afraid of getting caught by the cops...
  11. M

    Plants are dying. Please Help!

    Plz let me know what to do about this. It is getting worse and worse.
  12. 4


    Yeah there is only California and Colorado.... Why isn't there any of the other states that have medical laws passed?
  13. 4

    Model Medical Marijuana Law

    In my state, MM is going to be an uphill battle. I've decided to gather from any MM laws introduced or passed by various states to find a good model. Well, I found a good one that is sorta being used in several states, but found it deficient. I fixed what I could from the perspective of a...
  14. ds8802

    Acquisition question

    So what are legal patients supposed to do if they don't have a caregiver and are not currently able to grow their own? Input anyone? Just to clarify; i'm not looking for handouts or hookups, i just want to know if there are any options for those of us dealing with such circumstances. i just...
  15. F

    CCIC in Goshen, CA

    Went here today. Cant believe I have been missing out on this for so long. Really friendly people, great prices. AMAZING selection. I think they probably had 15-20 different strains ranging in price from 35-60 an 1/8. Got a Blackberry Kush that is outa sight! also got an 1/8 of Headband Kush...
  16. A

    Santa Cruz Cal. Need Med MJ doc

    Looking to fihgure out where to start in locating an Med MJ doc ,,Family man with kids cant take chances on the street no more !!!!!! Rx for prozac and trazadone are just to many bad side effects and Mj works much much better ,, Anyone got any know how in how and where I might go ???? PLEASE...
  17. A

    Greetings from Santa Cruz :)

    Hey all Of course Im new here or I wouldnt be posting in this section Eh ???? Long time since I stopped smoking but my life partner is a daily smoker instead of pills for insomnia and social anxiety. Docs wanna load him up on all kinds of crap but we take the more naturalistic approach and he...
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