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  1. B

    Dignified Access to Medical Marijuana Prescription

    Greetings Everyone, After hearing and reading some of the stressful situations many people are going through right now trying to obtain a medical cannabis prescription I wanted to put this information out there. I live in Toronto Canada and the best clinic I have come across so far is...
  2. M

    Malibu Beach Physicians New Patients $75 Renewals $60 Cultivation $200 (One Year)

    We here at Malibu Beach Physicians specialize in evaluations for Medical Marijuana. We are located inside the Malibu Healing Center upstairs in Suite 203C in Malibu, California. Ample parking spaces are available. Our mission is to provide our patients with discrete hassle free consultations...
  3. stevethumb21

    Marijuana for Heart Attack!

    I heard it from some of my friends that in case of Heart Attack, If a little Marijuana is given to the victim, then It can help in avoiding the attack itself and give enough time for recovery. I don't know if its true but If anybody is having knowledge about it, then please do share...
  4. F

    Do you have a funny story about your Medical Marijuana doctor?

    Do you have a funny or inspirational story about getting your medical marijuana card from your cannabis doctor? Fifth Dimension Press is holding a contest for the best, funniest and/or most inspirational story about your experience with your medical marijuana doctor. Submit your stories to...
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