1. 5

    My last grow harvested 10oz

    Well from seed to harvest she was only 135 days old. But was a absolute monster and stunk like diesel and fermented fruit. And tasted like absolute joy. I couldn't have been more happy about this grow than I already am.
  2. 505FARMER

    Larry OG & Deep Purple Chunk Getting The Chop Tomorrow

    Just wanted to share the ladies that are getting the chop tomorrow Good ol Larry og and something a friend of mine bred it's a Durban poison cross with some crazy wild stuff they found over seas called deep purple chunk. Hope you guys enjoy!!
  3. 4E770B26-A2FF-43C5-941B-F09D79E0F49C.png


    Dees buds got blobs of resin
  4. Autolabor1

    Atolabor1 First Indoor Grow In Progress 2018

    Hello guys, I know there's allot of grows going on and mine will be just one of them. So thank you for looking and keep comments coming please. I love input. I'm growing with Fox Farms Happy Frog. 3 gallon plastic pots under a T5 20,000 lumens in an 6 x 8 area. I have from seed. 3 Marion Berry...
  5. Airplane Bash

    5 reasons to juice your marijuana

    Juicing raw marijuana is amazingly simple and fast. It could be very a potent medicine and a tasty nutritional breakfast. Raw cannabis juice has many advantages over some other vegetables, and here are five of them. :cheertwo::circle-of-love::Namaste:
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