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  1. UrbanOrganics

    Urban Organics Living Soil Dr Seedsman 30:1 CBD 2019

    Hello, 420 Family, This will be my official first Grow Journal on the Forum and I'm Truly excited. I really look forward to everyone's feedback, as it will only make me better. I'm open to constructive criticism as I don't know everything but would love any feedback that will help me in the...
  2. Amy Gardner

    Hubba Hubba! Bubba Hash & The Bright Lights Of Redemption: Amy’s Indoor v2.0 With 420

    Let’s get this party started:ganjamon: Welcome all, to my second indoor grow :welcome: I’m nicely rested from the summer grow and have been slowly doing a few tasks over the last couple of weeks to make some refinements to my indoor setup and get everythingready. This is my second run inside...
  3. Amy Gardner

    Amy Gardner Of Eden: Forest Adventures With Doc Bud’s HBB

    Eden is a work in progress Welcome to Eden, we’re just getting started :ganjamon: I grow primarily outside under the Southern Hemisphere sun. I’m further south than what’s ideal for growing cannabis so I am, over the next few years, auditioning strains to find out what grows well here, as...
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