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    Proposed Bill Would Allow Medical Marijuana In Delaware Schools

    A newly introduced bill in Delaware would allow the recently legalized low dose medical marijuana for children under 18 to be administered on school property. Delaware Senate Bill 181 is an extension of "Rylie's Law," which legalized low dose THC oil last year. The inspiration behind the...
  2. R

    Town Hall Meeting Held In Cleveland To Discuss Legalizing Medical Marijuana

    The debate over legalizing medical marijuana here in Ohio has been going on for years. If you ask many of the people at the most recent town hall meeting in Cleveland, they'll tell you that it should be legal. "I'm actually here on behalf of my mother and my brother who suffers from severe...
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    Families Wait As Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Around NYS Remain Closed

    The state's foray into medical marijuana is slow going. As of Saturday, fewer than half of the dispensaries across the state are open. "Are you going to go see Dr. Berg in a couple of weeks," Christine Emerson asked her daughter Julia. "What's he going to get for you?" "My medicine," Julia...
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    Hello everyone. M/40/South Carolina
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    Man In A Box - Seeking help of one or many gurus

    Hi there. Ajax, here. Before I go on, a little about my dilemma. December 12, 1990 on the morning of, as I was traveling to work, I was struck by a drunk driver who wold stop at the local bar every morning after his shift and drink a few beers so that he may sleep better. This morning...
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    Medical Cannabis Show Coming To Las Vegas

    Medical Cannabis Advocates Launch Campaign For Television Series In Las Vegas We invite you to join us on this incredible healing journey! As Nevada prepares to engage in the medical cannabis industry, two Las Vegas-based medical cannabis advocates, Gage Jarvis and Jake Jarvis, are launching...
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    The garden is medicine - Cultivate

    Greetings one and all to my first 420 forum thread! Woo hoo:circle-of-love: I am seriously impressed with you all. No kidding either, it's just so great great to see the diversity and the level of encouragement and maturity here. Also you have a place to showcase gardens and baby that is where...
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    Ichor Blood Of The Gods

    Hemp & Honey After being diagnosed with Colonitis, and syncope (fainting spells due to low blood pressure) a common side effect of colonitis. My idea of fun while visiting God. With two visits to the hospital I figure I owe about 200,000 or more to the institute of my local care center. I...
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    Greetings from Dayton, Ohio

    Hello All! I use Cannabis for medicine, I found out I had stage IV cancer, a year ago and have gone thru Chemo and Radiation treatments. It was a rare genetic salivia gland cancer, The surgeon had to remove a 2.5 centimeter tumor from my left side of my face along with nerves and lymph...
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    Hello All

    So I grow/use medicinal marijuana and this forum seemed an appropriate place to share some ideas and ask advice. So here I am. Sour Diesel is my favorite strain with Sour Grape/Sour Cough in close second. I also grow purple Indica (15 year old strain) for pain reliever (aspirin like) and a...
  11. M

    Doc did not sign

    I went to my specialist today but he would not sign for me. He did say he would write a letter to give to my family doctor. I asked him why and he said since he was part of a clinic it was the policy of the clinic not too. He said he had tried in the past and he said the paperwork was just...
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