1. BassPlayer

    Completed Medijuana - DIY Cabinet, Perpetual Grow, Airpots, Soil w/LST

    Ok, so I ordered some medijuana seeds from ams earlier this choice was based on the pain relieving qualities, indica with high thc content, high yield, good for indoors and easyish to grow (this is all new to me). I have 6 prolapsed discs caused by a dodgy chiropractor which leaves me...
  2. BassPlayer

    2nd Grow: Medijuana, flowering

    Took these just after lights out at end of day 15 of flower phase. This is my 2nd grow, they are both clones from my first (some pics in my gallery). They are under 400w sonlight xtreme hps, in 3 lliter airpots with biobizz allmix. im using nutes, biogrow, biobloom and molasses(tate n lyes black...
  3. T

    Completed Thawk's 2010 LED Soil White Widow / Medijuana Grow

    Hey guys I am somewhat of a newbie and this is my first grow, vie been panning it for a while and finally after getting all my lights, seeds, and grow closet ready I have got it started. So here are the basics and what has happened so far Soil- started with miracle-gro before I found a hydro...
  4. BassPlayer

    Medijuana, 1wk to go. coloring?

    this is my medijuana 1 week (i think) from the I need to be concerned about the yellowing...:thankyou: for any help bp.
  5. BassPlayer

    quick intro..its great here

    Hey All, firstly what a great site....i've been browsing and hopefully learnin for a coupla months and thought i'd give it a go...below u can see the results, my medijuana that was one of 3 seeds..2 turned out male... she was started under cfls through veg for 7 wks with lst, she is now 6 wks...
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