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  1. K

    Sam's 1st Grow - Nirvana JH, NL & AK48 In Coco

    Goals: Try to learn while providing myself a source for flowers without getting into buying on the street. My job/career is very sensitive to keeping this activity under the radar. I have had a lot of medical issues (digestive) that seem to only get better when I partake. I went to a legal...
  2. T

    Plant probs - 1st timer - Hydro - Coco

    Suspected underwatering symptoms and maybe a touch of nute burn Happens every other day, some leaves look like they are starting to dry up, some even falling off when moved. Others are getting the burned tips, even the very top of a lot of new growth. I even watered down the last feeding a bit...
  3. D

    Do I need another grow medium besides rockwool?

    Hey guys, I'm a first time grower and first time posting to these boards! Before I get to my question let me tell you a little bit about the setup I have. I am growing using the cash crop 5.0 grow box. (Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box - Dealzer) I'm only growing three...
  4. S

    First Hydro Grow: 2x WW & 2x Crimea Blue, Custom LED

    Hey there :yummy: , while waiting for my two AF Super silver hazes to complete, I thought of dipping my toes into hydroponics. So, the set-up: Strains: -Barneys Farm Crimea Blue 2x -White Widow (Dutch-headshop.com) Hydro: -Bubbleponics with drip irrigation. 10L Volume -Plagron Hydro...
  5. B


    yeas its another newbie question 2 of my flowering plant have root rot so i flushed them in h2o2 and trimmed the roots put them in new ceramic medium my question is can i start them vegging again to get them healthy
  6. S

    Help - Post Growstone pH Problems

    Hey everyone. It's been like, 5 years since I've been on here. Great community... I'm back with a urgent request for help. Here's the situation. I started with a 15" mother plant in Rockwool, plan was to transplant to Hydroton in GH Drip bucket - but the shop was all out but the guy working...
  7. F

    Help - Is my plant dying?

    What is going on? Am I overdoing something? Underdoing something? :yikes: This is a two months old "Alaska" medicinal herb, and up untill a few days ago it was green and happy (with medium spotting of Mag deficiency). I don't have tools to measure the soil, I only water it after picking up and...
  8. K

    Earth Juice & pH issues

    Hi all I'm having PH issues with Earth Juice nutes and wondering how to address it long term so I don't end up here again. I thought when I started I would not have to PH adjust using organic nutes and soil it but its turning out not to be the case. I've made the PH adjustments for now and...
  9. xave420

    Need Help With Flushing Question

    If I need to flush to save a plants potential yield in flowering can I do so if the soil is moist from yesterdays feeding? Strain Incredible Bulk Auto 600w hps 4 Gallon pot my medium is : half fox farm ocean forest mixed with half pro mix BX, and also mixed with some extra perlite
  10. G

    Best Medium for Autoflower

    Hey Everyone! So I have some blue mystic autoflowering seeds on their way now and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on what the best soil mixture would be?! (total beginner here fyi) fill me with knowledge!!! Also a question about the strain, anyone grow it before...
  11. M

    Newbe - 2 wks into first - Help please!

    2x2 tent, soil. Strain - white widow # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 4" Lights - (1) 300 Watt LED Nutrients - soil only Medium - potting soil. PPM - ? PH - 6.7 RH - 65% to 75% Room Temperature -78 to 84 Solution Temperature -? Room Square...
  12. J

    Organic soil medium or super soil?

    So I'm looking through my options for my second grow. I have a few feminized W.W seeds that I'm looking to start maybe 2 or 4 and see what I can do. I'm trying to find the best medium option for my situation. I had some troubles with FFOF due to pH fluctuations into the 5's alot causing lockouts...
  13. inkrick

    2nd Grow - LED - Fridge Grow

    Hey all this is my 2nd grow, I'm using an old upside down fridge/freezer. Strain: vision seeds, critical impact Light: led Medium: grow wool Nutrients: Dutch master gold range+canna pk 14/13 Pot/reservoir: 50 litre pot, about 50 litre res, only using 40 litres at the moment Fans: running...
  14. jimmyclone

    What soil or medium to use?

    Hay all, just wanting some advice on soil brands, mixtures. I have a home depot, lowes, art napp, etc... I saw someone here using promix bx, perlite, vermiculite.. Is this considered a soil less mix as it is mostly be peat moss i believe. Would i follow a hydro ph schedule or a soil ph schedule...
  15. 4

    Newbie grower medium?

    Im changing grow medium. Im using 50% peat,35% perilite,and 15%vermiculite. I have humas compost on hand and potting mix with worm castings. Also have manure compost and sand. Is the first mix enough by itself or can i add some of these other ingredients to make it better?
  16. arteekay

    Photos - Original only vs Medium, linked to original.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before. From my experience, the options in this thread's title are the two most common photo options in use in user journals. "Original" seems to be misnamed. It's really "Large", as it's resized to fit within the fixed maximum size of the (viewport?, the...
  17. KodiakKid

    Kodiak Kid's Second Outdoor Grow - Out of Africa - Strawberry Hybrid - Eirdbei

    Hello everyone. My second grow has started. Before going into the details I want to thank everyone who took an interest in my first grow last season. I was overwhelmed by the help and support you so kindly provided. I couldn't have done it without you all. I also want to apologize for not...
  18. C

    Soil amendment

    Hey guys looking for some advice on soil amendments. I feel like my soil gets compacted after a couple waterings I use ocean forest soil and don't really amend it with anything but I've been reading around and wanna put something in for better aeration and drainage. So I was thinking about rice...
  19. E

    K-Train Leaf Claw

    Hey there, Can anyone tell me why my leaves are clawed? Is it normal for this strain? Or is it nitrogen toxicity or something else? It s been under cfl lights, pre mixed medium, temp never goes above 32 and its about 3 weeks old. ( K-train) Thank you...
  20. A

    Clone medium

    I have been using ProMix as a medium for my clones started in Oasis plugs. I am thinking of making a change. I suspect that they changed their mix as my babies are not reacting the way I want them to. They droop and look sickly for about two weeks, almost like the Ph is off and they're...
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