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    Todays brownie caramel serving for a buddy, he likes it Hehe.
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    Morning Meds
  3. gbauto

    Pain Meds & MMJ

    I'm wondering... For the folks living in a state that allows MMJ for chronic pain, are you able to see a MD for pain meds at the same time? As F'd up as our federal government is it wouldn't surprise me if was an either or...
  4. Ron Strider

    MI: Marijuana Dispensary Gets Common Ground Booth, Creates Legal Haze

    Music acts aren't the only talker at an annual festival that ends Sunday at the city-owned Lou Adado Riverfront Park. A medical marijuana dispensary has a presence at the Common Ground Music Festival, and it's bound to trigger reactions. The Got Meds Lounge has a 20-feet-long by...
  5. N

    Hi everyone!

    I figured I would introduce myself. Im a mid 30s female with multiple health conditions that smoking helps to keep them mostly under control. I dont work which means i dont have money so growing my meds is the next best thing... Or actually probably the best... Glad to be part of a...
  6. Hill Billy

    Happy to be here!

    Hello, I use 420 Med's for brain Seizure's .
  7. grizzy

    Welcome to Michigan!

    Welcome to MICHIGAN, Home of the Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, and some of the best medicine to EVER hit the streets. Us local growers are very proud of our products. Taking time and effort to create the best meds available. Michigan has always been known for its farming community. ever since...
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