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  1. O

    Hello everyone

    hi im organic420mechanic ...i own an organic cannabis farm in southern oregon .....would like to meet others with same interest ...organic farming .....
  2. D

    Family, friends, food and weed

    Nice to meet everyone.
  3. Ron Strider

    MA: Legal Marijuana Law Amendments Remain Cloudy

    A deal on compromise legislation changing the voter-approved marijuana law does not appear likely to emerge for final votes Friday, while lawmakers from both branches are at the State House to vote on a compromise fiscal 2018 budget. The six-member conference committee reconciling bills...
  4. J

    Hello and nice to meet you.

    Hello. My name is Hawthorne and I'm here to help if I can. I don't get involved with drama, pissing contest and yelling matches, we are here to help one another reach a greater goal from legalization to bigger buds lol. I'm a Mechanical Engineer and a licensed​ Electrician for over 20 years...
  5. M

    First time growing - Need some advice please!

    Hi to all and glad to be member here where we can meet others and talk about the one thing we all love. MJ <3 Okay so we have 5 plants that are 12 days from when they sprouted, I am almost positive I am watering them correctly even though I am a bit confused on what a good ph level is I was...
  6. Rider509

    Interested in a Northwest USA Meet 'n' Greet?

    So, are we solitary forum rats or do we get out and share a bowl with our fellow forum members? There are a couple of good cannabis related activities this summer in Washington and Oregon. Hempfest is a huge Seattle event that's more about enjoying the benefits of mj than the growing of it...
  7. supermike

    Hey All

    Hey, I'm Mike. I grew up in the US but now travel around the globe. I'm trying to fight cannabis stigma with information and knowledge. It's awesome to meet like-minded people and watch policies changing. Thanks for having me! Best, Mike
  8. K

    KGIRedline - New member introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is Tommy,AKA KGIRedline. I am an automotive mechanic and beginner grower. I am a lightweight medicinal user but thoroughly enjoy the smell and look of cannabis. I'm just starting to grow but i really enjoy it. I did a successful outdoor grow last year and wished i...
  9. T

    Looking for Friends in PR

    I just moved here and am seeking to meet friendly folks here in PR. If you're 420 friendly and would like to meet a couple from the mainland, shot me a message! Thanks thehitman :thumb: