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    Purple Maze Kush
  2. LKABudMan

    Completed LKABudMan Back In Deep Water: 4 Purple Haze Clones In RDWC

    Hello from beautiful Lake Anna Virginia. I started growing in September 2021 after studying and gathering for a couple of months. For my first grow I grew four plants in DWC. For my second I am growing three plants in soil, currently finishing the third week of 12/12. My wife and son both...
  3. HashGirl

    Completed HashGirl Grows Runtz Punch & Sugar Black Rose Sponsored By Herbie's

    Good afternoon. I'm excited to announce that @Herbies Seeds sent me some seeds that I'm going to grow for them. However, before we get to that, let me tell you how this all came about. Early Fall 2021, @Mars Hydro contacted me about doing a sponsored journal for them and offered me a new...
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    IMG_5572 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
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    IMG_5571 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
  6. IMG_5570 2.jpeg

    IMG_5570 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
  7. IMG_5569 2.jpeg

    IMG_5569 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
  8. IMG_5568 2.jpeg

    IMG_5568 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
  9. IMG_5567 2.jpeg

    IMG_5567 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
  10. IMG_5565 2.jpeg

    IMG_5565 2.jpeg

    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
  11. IMG_5564 2.jpeg

    IMG_5564 2.jpeg

    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
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    IMG_5559 3.jpeg

    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
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    IMG_5558 2.jpeg

    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
  14. IMG_5557 2.jpeg

    IMG_5557 2.jpeg

    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
  15. IMG_5556 2.jpeg

    IMG_5556 2.jpeg

    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
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    Carnival - Day 107 (+69)
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  19. Renaissance Man

    Renaissance Man's First Official Grow: Blueberry OG, Gorilla Zkittles & Cream Caramel In Soil

    Welp, here it goes... Here is my first grow journal. My experience of growing only began this year in 2021 due to this pandemic and me working from home. I got a tent, a light, a fan some soil in a pot and a freebie seed and it is producing some very under-impressive herb. I have since bought...
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