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  1. MadHatterJack

    MadHatterJack's LED Soil Grow - Gorilla Glue

    Hey Folks, I'm back at it again with another mad scientist (joke at my profession) grow journal. I'm still working on the Durban Kush Journal but thought a new strain calls for another journal. This time however with the infamous Gorilla glue number 4. ( Choosing to ignore the glue company...
  2. MadHatterJack

    MadHatterJack's Indoor Soil & Soilless Grow Journal 2017

    Hey Guys, MadHatterJack here and I have finally decided to share my mad scientist grow in time for halloween and create a grow journal. :high-five: Info Strain:Durban Kush non-feminized (Apricot Kush x Durban Poison) from Ancestral Seeds Indica Dominant, unknown percentage. 3 Weeks...
  3. MadHatterJack

    Check out my grow - Durban Kush

    Hey Guys, Check out my babies. Not sure if they are male or female yet. Have not topped. I actually took these photos with purple LED lights through a green LED filter so they look right. Strain: Durban Kush (Apricot Kush x Durban Poison) Seed Bank: Ancestral Seeds Veg Age: 2.5 weeks...
  4. R

    Best time to begin using the bloom spectrum

    Hi All! 2 weeks into my 4th grow. I recently got a 400w Meizhi led with veg/bloom switch. At the wall with both sections on the light draws about 172 watts that breaks down to 116 - veg and 56 - bloom. When should I start to use the bloom? Before changing the photo period or when the photo...