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    Need info on CBD isolate

    Hey forum! Long time grower here new to cancer but trying to kick its ass. Lymph nodes get swollen and Im achey after a long day. I mentioned this to a buddy , One of the guys in my mmj support group and he gave me some pure CBD isolate. I want to know more about this stuff. He mentioned it...
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    Anyone heard of SoCal Cat Piss strain?

    I bought clone from local dispensary, bud tender said it was a Walker OG x something that I can't remember.. he mentioned Snoop Dog was involved with the strain Anyone know of the strain? And it's genetics. Info ect :thanks:
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    Bubba Kush and Dizziness

    I am getting spells of dizziness with headache like symptoms at the end of the buzz from this stuff. Several people have mentioned the same thing (Leafy reviews). Has anyone here experienced it.