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  1. MickFoster

    Herbie's Is Closed

    Just tried to go on line and when you click on Herbie's a message stating that they are closed until further notice.
  2. K

    Susan Sarandon Records Message Urging Arizonans To Vote 'Yes' On Prop 205

    Proponents of Prop 205 are hoping some star power will give them the edge to pass the initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. According to the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, Susan Sarandon recorded a voice message urging Arizonans to vote yes on Prop 205. It will be...
  3. TorturedSoul

    Received Error Message When Attempting to Search Thread

    I saw that a member was unable to find a way to vote (in our contests) using the forum's mobile device app, and wanted to perform a thread-search upon the Support For 420 Magazine App For Android thread - to see if this had already been discussed there - before advising the member to post his...
  4. E

    Varied list of Infrequently Asked Questiions

    Gotta feeling my whole message did not post.
  5. Cannafan

    Errors uploading images: "Unable to create image file" etc....

    I have been trying to upload pictures this evening and when they get to the processing page I get an error message that says: "Unable to create image...." then gives the name of the file. I restarted the site, and it shows pictures in the queue but when I click on it I get the same error...