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  1. Under the Sun!

    Under the Sun!

    A picture of them under the 600w MH@50% power
  2. J

    Vivosun - Have one? I'm ordering

    So I searched the forums and didn't find anything on the (economical) VIVOSUN VIVOSUN Hydroponic 400 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable Ballast HPS MH System I found it on Amazon and it has pretty good reviews. IT also comes with two bulbs: VIVOSUN 400w HPS bulb, 400w MH bulb. I'm wondering, I...
  3. ScienceGrow

    ScienceGrow's - Organic - MH/LED - Snowstorm - Afghani - Holy Grail - Grow

    This will be my fourth grow. It will be a mixed grow, with three photoperiod plants and two autoflowering plants. This is my first time going mostly organic with an emphasis on living soil. It's also my first grow under an HID lamp. Here's my Vegetative cabinet and the seedlings...