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  1. D

    DankaTrons Coco Skywalker & SBR Grow Journal 2020

    Hey guys hows it going? This isnt my first time posting or growing but thought i would make a journal as it is a new setup! STRAINS: Skywalker OG(indica dominant?) , Sugar Black Rose(sativa dominant hybrid i believe) and also Bubblicious(hybrid). PLANT STAGE : All in veg at the moment GROWING...
  2. M

    Used equipment, is it safe?

    First time using HID lighting. Just picked up a reflector, 600w MH lamp, and Apollo 600 ballast to replace my T5 setup. Hooked it all up, fired the light with no issue. On closer inspection, the ballast (model # uhps-d600) doesnt specifically say it can run MH lamps. Ballast is making a high...
  3. H

    Help me switch to LED lighting please?

    Hi All! I'm a on again/off again grower over a number of years. I've leaned most of what I know from reading Jorge Cervantes & Ed Rosenthall's grow books & have done reasonably well in a few different locations & situations. I currently have 2 clones vegging in soil under a 600 Watt MH...
  4. S

    A very important question

    Hi Friends recently i buy two New Mh Light for Growing ( vegetative Stage ) But those dosent Need Any kind off ballast (Just Direct To prise )But problem here is My plant dosent growing so Well And This Look Wierd (Not look like Other MH light on internet At All) so please Gudiance Me...
  5. The Germinator

    Mh conversion bulb same as mh bulb?

    My 400 watt lighting system uses an hps bulb at the moment. The manual says it can use a mh conversion bulb. When I look online not all mh bulbs say conversion. Does it have to say conversion or will any 400 watt mh bulb work? Provided of course that its has the right base. Ty
  6. VladimirPutin

    Cannapocalypse 2017

    :420::thumb::tokin::woohoo: Welcome to my new grow journal "Cannapocalypse 2017" Beginning with two Acapulco Gold clones, this journal will focus not on Veg or Grow phase but the bloom phase of my cannabis plants. No Drama, no conspiracies, just good times in an alternate reality where we run...
  7. M

    My MH and HPS are showing no lumens

    I have a 400w metal halide light and a 1000 w hps light. I can use both with 1 ballast. When I put my light sensor under each one it shows that they are producing 0 lumens for my and 200 for the hps. When I place the tool under my cfl lights it goes to the max reading when im next to the light...
  8. V

    Veg Lighting Options

    What's up guys? I'm currently in the beginning stages of my first grow and it's time I make my first real purchase in terms of lighting. I plan on using one closet for vegging/seedlings/clones and another for flowering. My veg closet is 45" x 35" x 72" and I'm expecting to have 4-6 plants...
  9. V

    Ultra Sun MH 75k & 10k kelvin temps

    Has anyone used these bulbs for veg and/or flowering? It says there good for all stages of growth but those temps seem high from veg usually being around 4200 and flowering being at around 2100 kelvin temps..
  10. C

    First Grow - Advice Welcome

    What's up 420MAG! Super excited about my first official grow and even more excited to share it with everyone and hope that it brings as much information and answers as possible. I just put 12 girls (clones) under the light yesterday and things are going so so. I'm going to share with...
  11. lele

    Growing with a 600w MH still in seedling stage I need advice...

    My seedlings looked like they had stretched a bit so I moved the light closer, now the bulb is 19inch from the tallest. I have one fan and I'm aiming it at the bulb not the plants because I didn't feel happy when they were being blown around too much while so young. I'm worried its too hot in...
  12. C

    Fresh Grow!

    *In Strict Compliance with California Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420* Whats up 420Mag! I'm starting a fresh grow from scratch and wanted to set up my first official thread from day 1 to day smoke. Along with the awesomeness of doing all this, i really hope to, not answer, but help a...
  13. K

    Grow Light Options Discussion

    The other day I was having a conversation with another grower I know about, what else, growing! In particular we were discussing grow lights and we had a bit of a disagreement over what was the best in terms of actual performance, overall cost, cost compared to performance, and so on...
  14. WizHigh

    Lumens Vs Color Temp?

    OK so I thought its all about the color temp on the kelvin scale when it comes to lighting? Ive been going back and forth about using MH/CFL/T5 for my new grow space that im building. Ive just found out that 400 MH color temp only shows 4000 on the kelvin scale, but lumens are 36,000. 23w CFL...
  15. W

    FloraSun Metal Halide Bulbs

    We now have the FloraSun Metal Halide Bulbs available on our site! Quality lighting from Florasun at unbelievable prices :) FloraSun 1000W MH Bulb Description: FloraSun MH Bulb - 1000W Horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth High output Long lasting life Compatible with...
  16. PoohBurrMedic

    Pooh's Indoor Chrystal! Soil - MH/HPS

    What strain is it? Chrystal Fem, from nirvana. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? just now getting passed the germ. into veg. Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil Size of light? 250w MH, 150w HPS. Is it aircooled? No Any...
  17. Excited2start

    DIY Hood 70 watt HPS and MH

    Alright so I have been wanting to find tutorial on how to make a simple cheap reflector for 70 watt HIDS. So I chose do to one myself. So this cost me about 20 bucks to make, but most of the stuff I already had. Just had to buy a few things. So this is a photo of the equipment needed to...
  18. B

    First Time: 250 Watt MH/HPS 2x2 Closet Grow

    Hey Guys, I though it might be kind of cool to document my very first (indoor) grow. One day hopefully I can look back at this and see how far I've come ; ) ~~~(Any pointers are greatly appreciated)~~~ My first step is to modify a spare clothes closet-ON A BUDGET of $30-I'm going to do...
  19. N

    Do these leaves/plant look healthy?

    its the same plant,a northern lights strain been vegging for about 2 1/2 weeks at 500 ppm and a ph of 5.7-6.1 the leaves are kinda sticking straight up and a little twisted. the old growth tips have a little bit of yellow just at the tip.
  20. R

    Take a look at these beauties

    How much bud can I get from just two plants?, hmmm, we'll see. About to go to flower, this is day 26 of veg. Also been LST'ing faithfully, trying for a nice even canopy. Getting hard to control now. These are in 10 gallon pots! Really growing nicely now. Today I added a 2nd 400 watt MH. 400...
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