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  1. N

    New Grow Set Up

    I will get some pics as I go but I could use some advice on how to set it up ( which tent to use which light in etc ) I have a 4 X 4 Opolite tent and a 5 x 5 Hydro Planet. Lights are a ViparSpectra PAR 700 G8 LED 90 watt 29471 REd Only ( flowering ) 315 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide...
  2. RosettaStoned

    Vent through my top vent AC?

    I need somewhere to vent, i am starting something up and its either A) Cut a 6 inch whole through the drywall into another room with window open B) If i can, take the Vent Cover off of the ceiling (metal vent) and vent it out up through my house... Is this possible to do? Any other...
  3. S

    CMH vs MH question

    Is the square footage roughly the same for ceramic metal halide and normal metal halide? I'm thinking about switching my flowering room over to CMH from HPS/MH. I am currently running 3 600 watt HPS in a 6×12 space and getting just over 2 lbs of finished product. I have heard that CMH use 1/2...
  4. cnile

    Solving limited circuits - Limited power for room

    i am begining to think about something other than high pressure sodium and metal halide because i have discovered there is only like 1 cicuit where i am of 120v/15a. has anyone used an led in place of a 150 watt metal halide for mothers? how did that work? how many plants could you fit under...
  5. A

    1000 watt HPS and metal Halide

    Greetings! Hopefully, someone will have an answer for me. I recently was given a 1000 watt HPS and Metal Halide grow light, well, the shield and the two ballasts. I would like to try to grow some of that auto flowering Northern Lights so I'm curious, is that too much light and heat? I would...
  6. T

    Metal and PH?

    I was wondering, does galvanized metal change the pH of soil? Im thinking of putting up galvanized metal tomato fences around my ladies but Im scared that metal will mess up my pH. Please help! Thanks in advance 4 any help! =)
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