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  1. photos

    Photos 100% Organic Supergrow - Plat Huck Kush/707 Truthband/DrK Incredible Bulk/More

    hi my magic friends imcurrently growing out platinum huckleberry kush,dr K incredible bulk,707 truthband,bubbas gift ,malawi gold ,and 5 of my own home bred strains ,time machine, theos, star of bethlehem, buster, spicy mangoes. i grow in home made soil with added home made compost and water...
  2. doctor green

    dwc/smartpot growbag big plant

    I'm growing in a 80 litre polypropylene grow bag that sits on a tray in a tub with the nutrient solution hitting the bottom1 inch of the grow bag, the nutrient solution is aerated by 2 air stones and an air pump. Tent is 2 metres wide by 2 metres long and 2 metres high. Healthynwhite roots...