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  1. Nothernmichskunk

    Michigan Skunk & PBud1992

    Long winters up here
  2. StonedGypsy

    StonedGypsy's First Farming Foray!

    Hello fellow farmers, Its my first grow and journal here so a little "green" around the edges, but hey....I'm an eager quick study. So my equipment list is pretty short so far: 6x6x7 tent - Unknown manufacturer (2) 800w Sunnine COB Reflector LED (1) 300w Metal Halide DE Temp 75-77...
  3. PRBloodeyes

    Growing Medical Marihuana in Michigan

    Growing Medical Marihuana in Michigan Your best source of information on the Michigan Medical Marijuana law is directly from The Michigan Department of community Health or the MMMA. First, you will need to be a Caregiver or patient without a Caregiver. You must have applied to the Michigan...
  4. T

    New Michigander

    Hey all! New to the site. Michigan native who has become a medical maryjane advocate!! Seeing how much of a difference it makes in so many lives...just want to spread the good word of weed!!
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