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  1. CheckThoseTrichs

    PC Grow #2: Blueberry

    Heya everyone! Just completed grow #1 in the PC case and am starting #2. I made a lot of changes to the box during the first grow and am finally happy with it now to finally leave it. Lets get into the details! What strain is it: Blueberry Genetic: Indica Dominant Grow space: 0.83 sq/ft (7" x...
  2. H1gherD1mensionz

    LED For 30x30x70cm Tent

    Hi guys, noob here preparing my first grow. I have a 30x30x70cm tent in my cuboard and I'm wondering if a 600 watt LED consuming 276 watts is suitable for growing 1 auto in this small space. I chose this light because it just about fits in the space and meets my budget. Thanks.
  3. CheckThoseTrichs

    PC LED DWC Grow

    Hey guys! First post here and am starting this grow off with a different idea, using an old PC case to grow. Being a long time user I have discovered CBD strains over the years which led me to getting a prescription for it to help with anxiety symptoms. Growing was something I decided to pick up...
  4. HugePeckerhead

    Experimental Grow: Sexting Seeds Prior To Germination Using Old Myths & Seed Chart, Micro Grow

    Hi there everyone. Today another member and I ( @GHempster ) were on the idea of sexting a normal seed prior to germination. Prior to this discussion I've browsed through countless sites in search of myths and methods. Question is....is it possible to tell the sex of a plant just looking at the...
  5. VetSmoke85

    VetSmoke Autoflower Experiment & Mayhem

    Hi All, Welcome to my newest and what will be my last journal for a little while. This is the cabinet I built and have done 2 grows in so far. Cabinet dimensions = Height 25 inch, Width 17 inch, Depth 22.5 inch. Lighting = HLG65 4000k Quantum Board Can Lite carbon filter with 120mm USB case...
  6. Kraizk

    Newbie from the UK could do with some help with first grow

    hey guys and gals new to growing here and think im doing pretty well lots of reading and very much enjoying the whole process, im mainly focusing on micro growing and scrog as i dont have loads of space so im growing 2 plants to see if i can grow some healthy plants this is my grow space, i did...
  7. Katins

    Katins's Sativa Micro Grow Adventure: Durban Poison

    Hey everyone, so here goes my sativa in a box adventure :) Hopefully it is a female, as the seed is a gift from a friend who got it years ago on a trip to Amsterdam and that is all the info I have got on it :) It is a soil grow, under a single QB120 board in a 2 cubic feet size box. I plan on...
  8. oh666god

    1.6' x2.5' grow space: Need lighting tips!

    I am currently working on a discreet grow build. I am using a wardrobe and have 1.6'x2.5' of grow space. I looked into DIY LED lighting (loved the idea) and got myself; - x1 185H-C1400B driver + 100k pot - x4 CXB3070 CREE 3000K 80CRI (I know, i should have gotten the 90 CRI - next build!) COB -...
  9. Katins

    Katins's White Widow LED Micro Grow #3

    Welcome everyone to my third White Widow micro grow. This time I am upgrading my 2 cubic feet grow cabinet with a new filter and a 120 mm PC fan instead of previous 80 mm (or 90 mm, can't remember) one. Pics of the filter: As soon as I finish wiring everything back up, I shall pop a new...
  10. IMG_20180321_203124_Day63.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
  11. IMG_20180319_204722_Day62.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day62
  12. IMG_20180319_204716_Day62.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day62
  13. IMG_20180319_204635_Day62.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day62
  14. IMG_20180319_204615_Day62.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day62
  15. IMG_20180317_130710_Day60.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day60
  16. IMG_20180317_130657_Day60.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day60
  17. IMG_20180317_130646_Day60.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day60
  18. IMG_20180314_182639_Day57.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day57
  19. IMG_20180314_182619.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day57
  20. IMG_20180314_182610_Day57.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day57
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