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  1. CrimsonBlitz

    Kali Mist CFL Scrog Grow Journal - 05-19-13

    Hi everyone and welcome to my first real cannabis grow ever! I will be growing 2 of Attitudes Serious Seeds Critical Kali Mist. My Setup consists of a Stealth grow cabinet that I built, which measures 48”L X 12”W X 42”H. It has 3 compartments, starting with the top left which is my Utility/Cure...
  2. H

    Low budget pc grow

    Hey all, new to this forum but old in practice :). Anyway I have bought the majority of my supplies as cheaply as possible at local stores near me as I can't really be bothered with the whole buying online and waiting thing time is more precious than money personally. The list so far is ...
  3. i.play.4.keep

    Afghan Cheese Micro Grow from Seed

    Welcome 420 friends! This is an all around first solo attempt for me. I've worked with others and read and read and read so I finally feel competent enough to give it a shot myself. So let's jump on in. First, I'll tell you about my cabinet. It's pretty small. If you can imagine a video...
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