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  1. Dr kripplings chocolate orange AUTO

    Dr kripplings chocolate orange AUTO

    Hey to anyone new looking at this photo : ) i feel the main cola is looking ready to harvest....however this is my first grow and would like other people opionions - most the tri's have turned milky and amber does this mean i should harvest? I have started flushing her three days ago ... fire...
  2. M

    First Time Grower

    it's my first time growing , I planted my first seedling today , I'm using 2x40w and 2x12w and 2x23w CFL lights , and 2 pc fans in a "space bucket" .. I plan on using a 10l bucket as a pot , with 1 Northern Lights fem seed , I'm using ENG nutrients, with promix 90/10 coco -perlite as a...