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  1. H1gherD1mensionz

    H1gherD1mensionz 2nd Microgrow: Gelato Auto

    30 x 30 x 70 cm grow tent 95W dimmable full spectrum+IR LED board 18/6 light cycle Passive intake Arctic P-12 static pressure PC fan exhausting through a 200mm carbon filter AC Infinity 120mm PC fan for air circulation 2 80mm PC fans to create upward draft 500ml ultrasonic humidifier 5ltr fabric...
  2. H1gherD1mensionz

    First Grow: Stunted White Widow Auto LED Microgrow

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever grow and I'm starting up the journal a few weeks into flower. Here will be my stunted White Widow Auto which is growing inside a cupboard in a small tent. L70 x W30 x D30cm tent 95W dimmable full spectrum+ir LED board 18/6 light cycle Temps 20C - 28C RH...
  3. CapeGrownian

    Time To Top?

    Hi everyone, I do have a Grow Journal but i just thought id ask this here as I dont have any followers on the Journal. This is a Skunk#1 that shot out two stems after the first 2 leaves. 30 days since she popped out the soil. Both sides are on about the 5th node Can i top her now or should...
  4. IMG_20200521_095328.jpg


    Big Bud #1 - Topped once, undergoing LST.
  5. Dr kripplings chocolate orange auto

    Dr kripplings chocolate orange auto

    This girls impressed me alot! All she has had for her whole life spam is non-consistant light cycles - late feedings - waterings - & still shes a beauty! Auto's do what the fuck they want! Amazed!!!!!!
  6. IMG_20180327_194818_Day69.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18
  7. IMG_20180327_194808_Day69.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18
  8. IMG_20180323_193707_Day65.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day65
  9. IMG_20180323_193703_Day65.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day65
  10. IMG_20180323_193327_Day65.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day65
  11. IMG_20180323_193306_Day65.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day65
  12. IMG_20180323_193244_Day65.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18 Day65
  13. IMG_20180321_203235_Day63.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
  14. IMG_20180321_203134_Day63.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
  15. IMG_20180321_203110_Day63.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Day63
  16. IMG_20180312_170724_Day55.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18
  17. IMG_20180312_170703_Day55.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18
  18. IMG_20180312_170650_Day55.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow Feb18
  19. IMG_20180311_181247_Day54.jpg


    TTKlaus Microgrow
  20. IMG_20180309_083936_Day51.jpg


    TTKlaus Day51
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