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  1. growguyphd

    I got my microscope today

    I bought a 50 to 500 usb microscope of amazon. Paid 44 dollars for it. for what I paid it was worth it. Here are some of the pics. these are 56 day old fastberry
  2. hyperluv

    Close up of Pistil, Female Preflower

    Here's a close up pic of a pistil from one of my plants. Thought it was pretty cool so thought I would share.
  3. 4msterdam

    DIY Microscope! Pics & Results - Literally Free

    Introduction Okay, its not going to be one of those two scoped microscopes that let you look into the belly of a viron, or into the kush a mushroom is growing. Basic Microscope. Lets you view your buds to see if she's ready, [as you wait for your (cheapest) alternative?Y/N] If you are...
  4. hyperluv

    Spider Mite munching on leaf - Video

    Here is a video I took of a spider mite munching on a leaf from one of my plants using a microscope. SM90 seems to have worked better for me. Have not seen any for a while. I previously used Floramite and AzoMax.
  5. G

    Macro shots of bud

    7sensors just produced some fantastic Blue Dream Haze utilizing our prototype fully automated soil-based grow box and we took a pretty cool picture of one of the buds under a microscope. Does anyone else have some other cool macro-shots of bud they are down to share?
  6. D

    Hello everyone! Compost tea microscope help

    Hey there, I am simply looking for a 3X MICROSCOPE EYEPIECE BARLOW LENS for use with my microscope. I am making compost tea and would like to see what I'm making. Does anyone know where i can find one of these as well as a 2x one? I have found tons for telescopes and on microbeman's web page it...
  7. R

    Am I ready for harvest? First time grow

    Hi everyone, this is my first time growing and I was planning on harvesting next weekend. Am I harvesting too early? She is in week 7-8, bagseed so unknown strain but I can tell its an indica due to the fat fan leaves, grown in soil and under 600w mh/hps, been flushing her for the pass 4-5 days...
  8. S

    First Grow Up Close Pics With USB Microscope

    So i bought a $30 usb microscope of eBay and it took some nice pics, not amazing but definitely worth the price. My girls are 3 weeks into flower and they had their first major defol this past sunday. They are bag seed and i think they are coming along nicely.
  9. G

    Spint bug at work

    This is a short amateur recording of a spint bug at work on a plant leaf seen through a microscope and 5 times enlarged. The quality is not 100% but at least you can recognize the spider and see what it spins around the trichomes. A busy animal. Enjoy.
  10. A

    trichomes question

    After searching everywhere without finding the answers I was curious if anyone here knew. Do trichomes burst after being amber to long(the head/bubble part)? With a pocket microscope what is the easiest way to distinct clear from amber because I noticed they don't really go to a dark amber...
  11. trichomes

    Finally have pics of Amber Trichomes under cheap USB Microscope!

    AMBER Trichomes under cheap USB Microscope
  12. K

    Magnifying Glass

    In reading here on 420, it has been suggested to use a 30x magnifying glass to view certain parts of a plant. I have not been able to find one. Does anyone know where I may purchase one ? Also I went to Radio Shack and purchased one of their 60x - 100x hand held microscopes. I find this almost...
  13. damnyourhot

    Looking at trichromes with a 300x microscope

    ok can i use a 300x microscope ?> found someone with a 300x -900x for 15bucks but is 300x too much ?? radio shack has a pocket 100x for 12.95 but ehh i seen youtube video fo someone with a 100x and it didnt look so good some help please quick im about to just take off to walmart or...
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