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  1. O

    Lighting question?

    I have three 600 watt LED lights, the manufacturer of the lights suggest if running the lights over 12 hours to have a 20-minute period in the middle of the day to turn the lights off. Is that normal or is that something I should not do? I am growing purple kush and CB Dutch!
  2. Stoneyburke

    Greetings stonerville

    I am new to this forum so any advice would be welcome..am growing my first autoflower grow its diesel automatic by rqs..and it's in the middle of flowering and I will post some pics of the plant and how it's coming on
  3. ibrokeit

    A couple of ladies

    This is my current flower crop starting back left is purple bud, middle is a skunk haze, back right is a critical mass cbd clone, front left is gods blue diesel, right is money maker, and close to door in middle is a red afro I just put in there yesterday.
  4. M

    Should I defoliate autoplants in the middle of flowering?

    Hi, I have my plants crowded in my grow closet. Flowering seems to be going alright. But I am concerned with the possibility of increasing my yield through defoliation. But I saw defoliation only on veg to increase branching. How much stress it will cause? Will it stop/retard budding? Is...
  5. J

    Flowering in the middle of spring?

    Hello everyone I am new to this site and this is my second ever little grow. I bought some seeds from kcs. And it is growing well and looks healthy for 6 weeks However it has started flowering In The middle of spring?! It's outside in my vegi patch. I'm thinking maybe they put an auto...
  6. D

    Help! Northern Lights x Big Bud Outdoor

    Hey everyone! I got this plant already started indoor. got too big for guys tent and was burning on lights. So I took it outside. Now I've had it for about 2+ Months and has started budding, but very small. Now noticing that it is dying in the middle of the plant. From the outside, everything...
  7. T

    Is this bud rot?

    I'm growing a lsd-25 strain and I noticed while examining my plant some discoloration in the middle any advice is helpful
  8. S

    Is this bud rot? Broken open bud

    I posted some pics of a cola that looked kind of strange to me yesterday, and today I cut it down to break it open and inspect. It does look like there are tiny white fibers in the middle on the stem and such. Is this normal?
  9. N

    Skywalker Bag Seed

    What strain is it? 8 Bagseed from skywalker Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? seedling If in Veg... For how long? germinated then put in soil 3 days ago 6 sprouted within the last 24 hours Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? soil If soil... what...