1. W

    Abandoned Mids Schwag? Bagseed Grow

    What's this second box for?
  2. Treecandy352

    Mids seed grow

  3. C

    Edibles: Mids VS Loud?

    When making hash, oil or butter, which is better to use? Mids or loud? I've heard some people just sum it up with, "you use crap, you get crap." But I've also heard people say loud is wasted on edibles because its quality is better appreciated through smoking. They also say that mids will get...
  4. kikuras

    Whats up Marietta, GA?

    Hello all, Its been a while since prowling through the site/forum and just wanted to stop by and make sure everyone is still doing great. I recently graduated college and moved back to Marietta and I can not believe the difficulty I have had trying to find bud here. Im down to one last bowl...
  5. T

    Abandoned Canadian Middies Northeast Closet Grow!

    Hey guys, first time poster, just looking to start up a journal, will be my first grow. I've been lurking these forums for a while, figured it was time to share. Here's my setup: approx 5x2x5ft closet space 1x 2700k 68W CFL (300W) equivalent 50x Canadian middies seeds, from a friend, seeds are...
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