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  1. Ron Strider

    California Highway Patrol Warns The Public About Driving While High On Marijuana

    California is just days away from the legalization of recreational cannabis. With the changes, CHP is preparing to handle drivers under the influence of marijuana. Some say they drive better while high on Marijuana, they say it helps them focus. The law says otherwise. "When you start...
  2. Jackalope

    Jack Herer - Greenhouse

    Greenhouse must be breeding their auto's in the same room as their regular seeds. Started all reg. and fem. seeds 8/23. 11/4 harvested 1 Jack Herer auto. This plant was already in flower when all the other plants put on 12/12 on 10/11. Plant finished at 18" tall and produced just over 15gr...
  3. H

    It's That Time Of Year

    I have worked in the outdoor lighting industry for over 20 years and it's the slow time of the year for lighting suppliers / distributors. Add in the fact that most of the manufacturers are phasing out 'last years' lights for new and improved ones. I'm not saying this is a certainty but I...
  4. T

    Now or later?

    No frost for the next two weeks so I might wait til Halloween to cut them. Any thoughts? I suppose they're ready now but appear to be primarily sativa, so I might wait so they lose a bit of the psychoactive aspects. Input appreciated!
  5. Ron Strider

    UK: Marijuana Prevents People From Doing 'Hard Drugs', Claims Study

    Cannabis might still be illegal in the UK, but new research has found that the leafy substance might not be the vilified "gateway drug" it's widely thought to be. In fact, in might be the key to discouraging users from progressing to "harder" drugs, such as cocaine and ecstasy, claim...
  6. K

    I've looked through the Cannabis Plant & Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

    But I can't tell what my plants problem might be, can YOU? TIA, katurango
  7. JimSaskFarmer

    Canadian Licenced Producters genetics?

    Has anyone grown out any of the offerings from the LP's in Canada? The wife is currently with CannTrust and their Sensi star sounds like it might be good. At 60$ for three regular seeds i know I'm getting ripped off but that's the rules:;): Shes looking for relief from ptsd and insomnia.
  8. TheDarkTriad

    Light compensation

    just thought this might come in handy to some of you. i have been seeing some issues recently with DIY builds. and i thought this might become relevant even if you aren't DIY-ING!! :420:
  9. Ty Palmer

    Sand hash in VapeXhale

    I like to sprinkle a little hash on flower while using the basket. Just curious what temperature setting y'all might use for that approach? Are you getting a full experience at the 12 o'clock dial position?
  10. ReNN

    What's up

    Hey everyone.... Figure I'd drop by and say hello. Signed up yesterday since it was 420 and all. I currently have some Dutch Passion Glueberry OG and Brooklyn Sunrise going. I've learned alot from things I've read on 420 mag and figured I'd join the community. I might start a journal on...
  11. HashGirl

    Wanted recommendations for good dosing syringes

    Hello. My plastic dosing syringes keep jamming up after multiple uses with my canna-infused oils. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different kind? I was thinking glass might be better but I haven't had much luck finding glass ones.
  12. T

    Curling Leaves

    Hi Guys, I am new to growing its actually my first plant. Recently the leaves are curling down, I do not have clue what might be happening. I am not using any fertilizer the soil PH is around 6. It might be over watered but i am wondering if this might be something else, I am...
  13. T

    Yet another newbie on a budget

    I'm setting up a nice little 4x4 feet indoor garden. While most of my issues have been worked out, I'm still uncertain about the lighting. Ideally I'd make my own LED setup, but I have no time to build one and my budget isn't all that I could wish for. I have considered BossLED. They're cheap...
  14. M

    Any idea what might be wrong with my baby?

    IMG 3584 — imgbb.com IMG 3585 — imgbb.com IMG 3586 — imgbb.com This is an auto Russian Haze. About a month flowering. Been giving nutes every other watering. The top side seems like a N toxicity but these spots? Calcium def.? Both of them started like 2-3 days ago. Im aware that it...
  15. S

    Hi - Newbie needs a little help

    I have 1 2 month old plant the leaves are undergoing some slight (I hope) issue it looks like slight calcium staining like water spots you might see on a glass out of the dishwasher. I think it might be killing the leaves though so I am worried but too inexperienced to know if or what it is. I...
  16. K

    Trump Might Not Stop Legalization, But The Pot Industry Might Become Whiter

    After last week's election, 20 percent of the country will live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. Ballot initiatives legalizing the recreational use of cannabis passed in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine. Others legalizing access to medical marijuana passed in some...
  17. F

    Friend charged - Probation technicality

    So a friend of mine has been charged. Even though it looks like the case might be thrown out probation might be the case. Hes a user frequently and is worried that he cant smoke weed before his court date. Is it safe to smoke before your convicted and if it is is there anything he should do or...
  18. High Priest V

    High Priest's, Soil, Shiva Shanti II, Grow Journal

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on my first grow journal. So exciting. I hope there's enough information below to kick things off. Just so everyone know, I don't think I'll be doing such an extensive setup (e.g.. tent, led system, etc.) because of the seeds that I bought (thanks Sensi...
  19. G

    Soil - Need help with my spot

    i have recently found my spot to start growing my weed but i thought i might ask. my spot that i have found has wild saltbush around it and that tipical indicator of high levels of salinity and water logging. i was thinking of using this dirt and miking it with some searles 5 in 1 and it might...
  20. R

    Growing autoflower issues

    Hello everyone I am a new growing. And have been facing some challenges with my autoflowers. The area I live in recently had a few cold days which lower the temperature in my grow box in addition I think I might have over watered my plants. The leaves begin to turn yellow and are starting to...
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