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    Wtf Mildew?
  2. Zayah

    Insect repellent recommendations

    Ok, so there's so many different kinds of repellent out there that i just want to make sure I'm getting the one that would best fit my environment. *Hight Humidity (right now its 57% and will be up to 60% this coming up week and its usually always like that) *Heat in the High 80's-90's (right...
  3. K


    Hey! So, my last crop had about 2 plants that got some powdery mildew. I removed from the room so they wouldn't hurt any of my other plants. After about a week outside the grow room the mildew disappeared and I can't find any on the plants. I'm skeptical of drying and curing since mildew was...
  4. Jackalope

    Long term Powdery Mildew protection

    Damn the stuff it never goes away. I have only had to deal with this the last 2 grows. One I killed most of the plants treating them. I totally cleaned the grow area with bleach water and all pots, fixtures and everything I could. It always comes back. I should mention I live in a very old house...
  5. L

    White powder mildew and Physan

    Sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't dig up anything relevant in search. Is it ok to use Physan 20 to control white powder mildew? The Physan info shows 2 tsp/gallon for control of mildew on roses. I had some buds develop the mildew during the drying process. Despite some claims...
  6. A

    Seeds from powdery mildew infected plant

    I have read that clones from a plant that had mildew is a bad idea as it infects on a cellular level and will infect the clone some time later. but what about the seeds? if you germinated seeds that came from a previously infected plant, would the new plants get mildew?
  7. H

    First grow - Not sure what's wrong

    Hi guys, I am new here on the forums and a first time grower. I got 2 seeds started just 2 weeks ago, and I've started encountering problems with both my plants. I will try and give you as much information as possible and include pictures. To start with, some basic info about my setup...
  8. J

    Help! Is this grey mold?

    Hi guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Got The seed in my bag of weed so I don\'t know the strain. And just said I\'d try it since it was really good weed. I did have an issue with mold on other plants they got bud rot but i have it under control now. I\'ve just noticed that the plant...
  9. N

    Powdery mildew?

    got some bud that has powdery mildew, can I smoke it? Will it hurt me?
  10. ptk2k

    Favorite Pesticide?

    Hello all, I'm on my 3rd (successful) grow & feel kind of stupid I haven't set up a pesticide regiment yet. especially because I had a crop that I vegged for 12 weeks only to have mites take over. it was horrible, I tried no pest strips, habanero spray, soap water. nothing seemed to work. so I...
  11. L

    Powdery mildew

    Greetings. I'm hoping to get suggestions as to what to use to kill powdery mildew. It came on strong and spread fast. I burned all of my mature plants and kept two small plants in hopes of saving them. The mildew is coming back. I'm not sure I trust the dude at the grow store anymore...
  12. Stoney Roads

    Mildew on Walmart grow bags

    So I am growing with Walmart grow bags and I am seeing what I think is powdery mildew on the bag. My plants don't have anything on them and I'm not sure that that's what is in the bag. I need some input from others that have grown with the Walmart bags. The color of them is blue of course it...
  13. S

    We have powdery mildew!

    Can I dunk the buds in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water, and have them be alright? And if so....does that get rid of (remove) the powdery mildew, or just stop it from growing?
  14. S

    White Powdery Mold - Help!

    Help please.
  15. R

    Ok I have a few questions!! on fly,milldew,hydrostone.

    Flys I was wondering if this fly is bad in my room. There a bunch and in my bud room there sticking to the plant and dieing. MILDEW I do beleave that this powdery mildew. Am i right? If so how do I get rid of it and how to prevent it? And is there any home soulution...
  16. G

    Air Purifier?

    Hi I am new to the site, (loving it so far) but I do have a question. Has anyone ever heard of using an air purifier in the grow room, bloom room to be more specific? I have a closed loop system and was wondering if the addition of such an appliance would be beneficial in aiding the purification...
  17. D

    powdery mildew

    ive been using diluted liquid copper, applying every week for 3 weeks. what is the best remedy for this little issue. also is it true mites will only attack the leaves not the buds?:51:
  18. S

    Powdery mildew

    Will it be safe to smoke the flower after harvesting powdery mildew infected plants? Does powdery mildew get inside the buds or just on the leaves and stems?
  19. S

    Effect of Powdery Mildew on Buds

    Will it be safe to smoke the flower after harvesting powdery mildew infected plants? Does powdery mildew get inside the buds or just on the leaves and stems?
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