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  1. M


    I'm a first time grower and wondering if any one has any tips they wouldn't need mind sharing on growing white widow and Jack Herer Thank you
  2. Scrogdawg

    Question regarding cloning?

    When is the right time to take clones and what is the process? Iffin ya'll don't mind sharing with a rookie please....
  3. V

    Hello - Grow tip and sacred info from star leaf strain creator!

    :Namaste: hi guys!....i got a weird story to tell...pls bear with my long intro{its alone out here where i am}...they kinda send u to e gallows pole for 200gs here!?!{victims of reefer madness! corporate propaganda?}....i just recovered from a 30 year nightmare conjured up by h**n, m**h...
  4. K

    Terence McKenna On Cannabis, Creativity And Decriminalization

    Few have said more about the benefits of cannabis than author, lecturer and psychedelic drug enthusiast Terence McKenna. McKenna used cannabis regularly as a creative aid meant to induce higher consciousness, bring a sense of mental clarity and make the expression of deep thought easier. He...
  5. M

    I need help - Smoking weed is making me super intelligent

    The title of my thread may seem odd/arrogant/stupid, and anything else you can think of. But something happens to me when I smoke. And I don't smoke that much. The most I would have in a day would 4 small joints, so its not anything that's being brought on by serious abuse of the product. I...
  6. T

    Saliva drug test - Need some peace of mind

    I'm really just trying to get some peace of mind.. I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts
  7. DankWolf907

    DankWolf's Den Of The Bizarre & Obscure

    I needed a seperate area to keep track of, and share all of the crazy ideas inside this beautiful mind. Welcome everyone to my little den! The idea of this journal is to expand and explore. Im full of ideas that have recieved much ":11: Wha whaaat??" Ill be running tests, hopfully side...