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    Abandoned Mini Fridge Stealth Grow - Bag Seed

    Hey guys, after a lot of trial and error I have finally decided to grow for the first time. I was on a budget so I didn't want to buy a tent or anything. The key word here is "was" seeing as I f***** up a couple of times trying to build my first stealth cab and wasted about $75 worth of...
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    First grow need help

    Hey guys so this is my first grow and like most first grows I have little money so I'm using CFCs However I think I have a decent balance at least now anyway. So my first idea/build was horrible I didn't have correct airflow nor proper room or anything so it was basically a disaster. Btw this...
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    Mini fridge grow box

    I had the great idea to convert a mini fridge into a grow box. This will be my 3rd time growing but I've never built a grow box. I need help and ideas on the wiring part of it. I need to know how to install a pc or computer fan as ventilation and how to install the lighting. The simpler the better.
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