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    MN Asset Forefeiture Laws Reform Bill 2010

    The Minnesota legislature is considering a Bill to reform Minnesota's unfair Asset Forfeiture laws. Now - the State can take (steal) private property based on suspicion only - no conviction required! Also, they can do it administratively, meaning no judge will ever even hear about it unless...
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    Minnesota Statutes now equate cultivate with "Sale," even with no sale, no intent

    A Rose is a Rose is a … Sale? How “Cultivate” can mean “Sell” – Alice in Minnesota Law-land Minneapolis Criminal Law News Those of us in Minnesota need to start pushing back! Thomas C Gallagher Gallagher Criminal Defense Services 310 Fourth Avenue South, Suite 8000 Minneapolis MN...
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    MN Supreme Court says weight of water in bong water makes First Degree crime!

    The Minnesota Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision, has now ruled that Bong Water (water which had been used in a water pipe) was a “mixture” of “25 grams or more” supporting a criminal conviction for Controlled Substance crime in the first degree. The crime is the most serious felony drug crime in...
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