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  1. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Industry Looks To Get More Women, Minorities In The Pot Business

    Compared to a year ago, times may seem tough for those banking on the legalization of marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has raised "serious questions" about legalization, appears less friendly to the cannabis industry than his predecessor. Even after the District of Columbia...
  2. Ron Strider

    D.C. Poised To Give Minorities Preference For Entering Medical Marijuana Industry

    Members of the D.C. Council advanced legislation to give local minority-owned companies a preference when applying for licenses to operate medical marijuana businesses. It's the latest jurisdiction to join a growing nationwide effort to make sure minorities can profit from legal marijuana...
  3. K

    A Big Shift Is Necessary To Successfully Market Cannabis To Minorities

    In the early 1900's when marijuana first came under heavy scrutiny by the governing bodies of the United States, it was rare to mention marijuana without mentioning minorities. It was after all, the new influx of Mexicans entering the USA that popularized the use of the plant for recreational...
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