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  1. J

    Turned lights off a hour late on 12/12 - Problem?

    Hey im a week into flowering after vegging for 5 weeks, yesterday instead of getting up to turn my lights off when my alarm went off i fell back asleep and woke up in a frenzy about 50 minutes later. I stayed with my regular cycle and turned the lights on at the regular time so will this have...
  2. S

    Digital timer for a humidifier - Advice please

    Hello guys So I have just got my self a mist maker 3 as my RH is always very low and I am now having the opposite problem. I have it set to come on for 15 mins and off for 1 hour then back on etc, but the RH goes up to 99% and then with in the hour its back down to 40%, I think my best...
  3. T

    Burnt my butter

    Hi guys! So whilst I'm getting the stuff I need to get my grow room operational, I thought I'd try making some butter! I got a 1/2 oz of some really good bud (had 1 bong and was fucking buzzing... munchies for hours lol). So today i decided to make some butter! Needless to say I fucked...