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    Marijuana Mints For Microdosing Makes For A Smarter, Smoother High

    As the marijuana industry explodes into untapped markets, the race is on to deliver increasingly potent new products. But some companies are focused on perfecting the chill pill: a microdose of marijuana in a humble mint. Weed-infused mints are nothing especially new in the world of edibles...
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    The CEO Of Eaze Says These Mints Are The Next Big Thing In Marijuana

    A fresh way to consume cannabis is gaining fans in California. Pot-laced mints that contain as little as 2.5 milligrams of THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that makes users high, began cropping up on dispensary shelves last fall and are gaining favor among users who want to avoid...
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    Dapper's Second Attempt - Thin Mints - LED - Soil

    My first attempt at growing which I documented in this journal:Thin Mints - GalaxyHydro LED - Happy Frog ended with a total loss. I did try to get help along the way: Please Help! First Grow - Droopy Thin Mints And to learn from my mistakes:What went wrong? It seems that my biggest issue was...
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    Please Help! First Grow - Droopy Thin Mints

    Some of my ladies aren't looking so healthy anymore. Grow Journal The thin mints all seem to have stopped growing and look very droopy ever since uppotting. Any advice? This is one of my bag seeds that appears the healthiest of all my ladies.