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  1. K.puff&stuff

    How long

    Hi Guys I have a small question after curing the plant in mason jar meaning i burp hem for 3 weeks first week open up jar for 10 minutes 3 times a day first week . second week open the jar 2 time a day for 10 minutes. 3 weeks open jar once a day for 10 minutes. after all that is done how long...
  2. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Inhaler Could Help Send Brits With Insomnia To Sleep In Ten Minutes

    Puffing on a cannabis inhaler could help millions of Brits with insomnia doze off in minutes. The new hand-held gadget squirts a small dose of the drug into the lungs. Tests show a single toke at bedtime can trigger sleep in as little as ten minutes. Researchers found users doze deeply...
  3. Ron Strider

    This Weed 'Dream Machine' In Las Vegas Rolls 100 Joints In Just Three Minutes

    It looks as though we finally found something that not even David Copperfield could pull off. According to the New York Post, the crew at Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas seems to be more than ready for July 1, which is of course the day weed becomes legal in the great state of Nevada. Expecting...
  4. G

    Help please

    Trying to figure out what deficiency or problem this is :( Ph is 5.8 and im using fox farm nutrients at 1/4 strength. yet it looks like im about to lose the smaller one. I water drip four times a day for 15 minutes, before that i was going it on for an hour off for 2-3 but i thought that was too...
  5. Rich Farmer

    GSC XTRM Review

    Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds AMS seeds GSC Xtrm. This is hands down my favorite strain that I have smoked so far. GSC XTRM is a Indica dominate cross between the Original GSC and White Widow XTRM. The smell is so strong, a mix of skunk and perfume. The color is beautiful! Little bits of purple...
  6. S

    Wonderful QWISO I made but no idea to the consistency!

    So normally wen I make qwiso its a golden sappy thick syrupy mixture. This time when I made it I used some premium girlscout cookies washed twice 30 seconds each then a final 3rd filter to ensure all purity. The mixture of bud was frozen for approximately 30 minutes before being broken up with...
  7. Grow17

    Natural Light Timing Indoors?

    I've done a couple of grows now using the Lantern & DLS. This time I'm trying something different. Started out using Lantern. Once going into Flower, I started with 12/12 then cut the time by 2 minutes start 2 minutes stop . Anyone try this ? Girls look very happy.
  8. 420

    Website Down For Maintenance: Hard Drive Replacement

    One of our backup hard drives is failing, so we need to take one of the servers down to replace it. We should be down for about 30 minutes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. :circle-of-love: :Namaste:
  9. N

    First grow and fan fell on sprout - Is it toast?

    So I came home from work to find my small 6" fan sitting on top of the net pot. Unfortunate. This seed sprouted yesterday and it is my very first grow of anything, ever. This is an autoflower. Does it look like it's going to bounce back? This picture is about 10 minutes old as of this...
  10. Y

    Lights 20 minutes longer on during veg - Best course of action now

    My timer confusing me had me switch up the programs of always on and on schedule - damn that thing, the other one I have makes sense with the symbols and is reverse. So the lights stayed on 20 minutes longer than usual - that's when I arrived and corrected from always on to on schedule again...
  11. Tomula

    How I made my Cococannaoil in blender in 30 minutes

    Hello everyone. I want to share my take on cococannaoil. I used about 50 grams of trim and leaves with a few low buds and around 200grams of oil. I own a high speed blender usable for hot soup mixing similar to Vitamix- good air circulation for cooling. I put it all in the blender, added cup or...
  12. branson111190

    Cooking with infrared induction Nuwave - Help

    Okay so I already know how to make edibles , but thought of using the Nuwave induction cooktop which uses infrared to heat food . I covered tight with tinfoil and lid over ground up cannabis and set the temp to 280 degree's F . A chart said 293 for seven minutes , but I wanted to keep some CBD...
  13. S

    New grower here!

    My plants seem to be doing well outdoors. I'm about 2 1/2 months in! Getting closer to harvest but one of my plants has alot of leaves changing colors and I'm not sure what is affecting it.
  14. L

    Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Phase: Day 12 Vegetative Watered: 12/03/15 Flushed: 30 minutes ago I don't know what seems to be the problem, this is my first grow. Someone told me it was nitrogen deficiency so I flushed the plant 30 minutes ago. Anyone have any ideas as to what this could be or if it is in fact nitrogen...