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  1. D

    Week 5: Miracle Gro

    White Runtz & Do-Si-Dos beginning week 5 of flower. Growing in Miracle Gro moisture control potting soil.
  2. Butter Milk

    Butter's Auto Anesthesia: Indoor, Soil, LED 4-65W

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get a journal started. I’m growing 2 plants, 1 sprouted a week late, but is catching up quickly in size. I am using LST on the older plant (9/7/18) and I FIM’d the younger plant (9/13/18) @ 15 days. As of Oct. 1st they are 24 and 17 days old. Both growing in one 3...
  3. BikerBear

    Miracle Gro Liquid Fertilizer? Any good?

    Hi Folks, I have read differing opinions/comments about using Miracle Gro soil, but can't seem to find any info here about the liquid fertilizer (maybe not searching the correct forum sections). It seems that the N-P-K ratios listed on the side of the MG are of the correct amounts...
  4. Hugh Splith

    This will be my very first time. DP BlueBerry (regular?) - I have faith!

    To be honest, I aint got nothing to say... Its not like i got MG all purpose soil, a 300w dual spec CFL, 8cm Fibre Pots for the bubbies, Clear Plant Pots with drainage ( dont know measurements, but they big), 9 inch Oscillating Desk Fan, I tidy lil room for all of it and 5 Dutch Passion...
  5. R

    RC's Low-Budget Home Depot and Bagseed grow

    If I can grow a bagseed to a decent harvest on a low budget using only supplies from Home Depot, anyone can! starting out with a 100w (fluorex) CFL (outdoor area light) paid 60$ w/ bulb. 10,500 lumens and 6500k color temp germinating in Jiffy 72 plant greenhouse. transplanting to Lambert...
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