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    You Hate Miracle Gro? You Might Still Be Using A Miracle Gro Product

    Miracle Gro has a plan to get pot growers on the Miracle Gro bandwagon: "The chief executive of Scotts Miracle-Gro, says the company is looking at ways to better sell to medical-marijuana growers. CEO Jim Hagedorn told the Journal the company would do that by buying up small soil companies...
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    First time dealing with bugs

    So as the title indicate I have a miracle outdoor plant (Miracle because at the end of October I bought my house and a buddy just tossed a seed in the yard and a few weeks later my sent me a pic of it growing wanting to what the story was.) But the reason for the post is I can't identify the...
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    Christmas miracle request for a sick Haze

    I have two Amnesia Haze auto's which are at week 19 day 131. Two weeks ago I gave the plant on the left a trim. You'll see the leaves have turned brown. The plant on the right is bright green and doesn't have the same problem, it was trimmed a lot less. It will be harvest time next week for...
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    Please help asap plants dying? Strange leaves

    Hi guys I have a very big problem my plants have been vegging for 3 months now a bit long I know lol I'm stupidly running them in a 50/50 mix soil of plain soil and miracle grow soil any way the other day I got this new miracle powder nutrient to mix with the water as the plants seemed to be...
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    Just a question not trying to start something. miracle grow what do you think?
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    My Miracle Grow / First Bagseed Grow. (Just Started Flowering)

    This is my first grow. It's a miracle because it's been growing in a extremely small pot with an aloe Vera plant next to it. (amazing huh?) it's about 9 inches tall and I just started flowering. Showed it's sex yesterday. The lifhtig I'm using are 3 cfls I have no ideas what the wattage is. I'm...
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