1. Ron Strider

    20,000 Marijuana Plants Recovered, Street Value Tops $20 Million

    The number of marijuana plants discovered by Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics in rural Jeff Davis continues to rise with the street value now topping $20 million. On Friday, another 5,000 plants were discovered bringing the total haul to more than 20,000 according to Mississippi Bureau of...
  2. R

    Mississippi: Initiative Process Came Of Age In 2015

    Mississippi's initiative and referendum process came of age in 2015 and saw almost every eventuality tested in the political process. In particular, the process was tested on Initiative 42 and Initiative 48. Initiative 42 sought to put "adequate and efficient" public school funding in the...
  3. R

    Mississippi Pot Legalization Initiative Falls Far Short

    A DeSoto County woman's push for a ballot initiative legalizing marijuana in Mississippi has fallen far short of the required number of petition signatures. But Kelly Jacobs says she considers the effort a good first step toward change. Tuesday was the deadline for gathering approximately...
  4. K

    Hello from #Bi48 Sponsor to Legalize in Mississippi

    Hello from Mississippi! My name is Kelly Jacobs, I'm a stay at home mom, community activist who decided to write a ballot initiative that would regulate marijuana like we regulate alcohol and require the governor to pardon non violent cannabis criminals. If Mississippi is successful, the...
  5. L

    Keep the Maastricht Coffeeshops Open to Foreigners!

    Onno Hoes, Stap onmiddellijk op. Onno Hoes, Stap onmiddellijk op. - Petities24.com Sedert de invoering van de wietpas op 1 mei 2012 lijkt het of in heel Limburg de straathandelaren vrij spel hebben, De ilegale straathandel bloeit als nooit tevoren. De politiek sluit al een jaar hiervoor...
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