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  1. P

    Any advice?

    Hello guys and gals! Firts time posting, been lurking for some time. Great community:circle-of-love: I have some bagseed growing for about 2-3 weeks on 24/0 with some low budget cfl's and i just got a timer. I was trying to set it up for 18/6 and i accidentally dind't turn it on:27: ... now...
  2. W

    Transplanting against moon phases

    Hey guys Yesterday I have transplanted my plants in jiffys to their final 7l pots. Used biotabs starter kit and soil from growshop mixed 2 parts of soil 1 part of perlite. But today I noticed when I check in growing calendar that yesterday is marked red and crossed, which means that you not...
  3. Budd Aldrin

    The #1 mistake!

    I make a lot of mistakes that's why I'm here. The number 1 mistake was telling someone locally. Now I'm entertaining myself of my own mistakes and maybe some self opinioned detail of my life here on the Mag from another member. I will remain quiet. Lots of talent and good people here. Thank you...
  4. B

    220 Gallon Hydroponics - First Hydro Grow & Murphy´s Law Indeed Apply to Me

    5 regular skunk #01 10 regular Heavy duty Fruity 2 fem White Widow -1 didnt germ :/ 5 fem Pinapple Chunk Hi everybody! :cheer2: 1 time hydro grower here, has grown outdoors before with some succes, but never inside before DWC System 2x 110 Gallon with...
  5. southflorida

    Been along time, im back!

    Since i've left this site i have made some of the most newbie mistakes. I'm back, and I'm stubborn. I couldnt do it without you guys! Every leaf on my best girl was brown.. i reused a CLOROX spray bottle for it... jesus i have to say it feels good to be back already. Love you 420mag! Oh ps i...
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