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  1. Catwhisperer

    Plastic is killing me - Trying to grow some veggies in hydro

    I know its half way off topic and other half is on topic. I used to grow weed in hydro but now I want to grow tomatoes ,cucumber & whatever. By that I started to look at plastic and their food safeness, the problem is: you can read something on the internet and the absolute opposite also...so...
  2. P

    HP Aeropnics system design question

    Hello everyone, I"m converting my LP system to a HP system. From reading various forums, I gathered that I needed to by nozzles with an orphice of 0.024" and a pump that can do anywhere from 80 to 100 PSI. These specs where suppose to put my droplets in the 50 micron range. Instead i get...
  3. BlazingBill

    Homemade cloner got wrong misters

    Will 90deg misters work in a homemade cloner? I know everyone uses 360 misters, but I screwed the pooch on this one and accidentally ordered the 90's Its gonna look like this one with a 18 Gal tote.