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  1. Cannygrow


    Hey guys I need a trained eye to let me confirm or deny my suspicions I think I might have some mites in my tent. I have no experience in this but my plants is exhibiting small holes with yellowing around them you can see some of it in the pictures. And help advice ?!
  2. S

    Problem with my three week old seedling

    Hi I am new to growing. This is my first attempt at a indoor grow. I am approximately three weeks in and haven’t had any major problems until the other day. I noticed a little black spot on one of the leave of one of my plants. I didn’t think much about it. The next day it starting spreading and...
  3. A

    Hello - New grower - I may have a problem with my plant?

    Hello all, So I have a growroom that sits between 55 and 65 degrees on average depending how cold it is lately. I am just starting the flowering cycle, almost 1 week in. I noticed a few days ago what I believe was a single red mite, crawling down the main stem, and I squished it. Later, I...
  4. HigherTheHigh

    white mite problem!!!

    hello all iv got a 2 4 pot wilma systems with green crack growing and iv got white mite all over the leaves and the clay pebbles! im using canna cure at the moment but i dont think its working, i need help and advice to get rid of them fast as im flipping to flower next monday! thanks!
  5. I

    Identify this mite

    What kind of mite is this?
  6. T

    Mite Treatment - Professional opinions requested

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some input and professional opinions. I've got some really nice plants in the flowering stage and today I noticed a slight spider mite issue. I don't want to get into the how or why's. I've been growing for a while and I know where I screwed up. My focus now is to kill...
  7. D

    White Fly and some Spider Mites - Beginning stage flowering outdoor

    Hi guys, I have 3 plants that's are heavily affected by white fly. I had this issue before during the early stages of my plants and since growing outdoor I have never really gotten rid of it. I have used neem oil and a bit heavier stuff (still organic) and got rid of most of them. however...
  8. H

    What kind of spidermite is that?

    Hi Fellas, I have a small grow room with 6 plants. All is different strains due to experimental purpose. I use coco and Canna products and some of Advanced Nutrients products for support. I used to add some Parker Neem Oil to prevent my plants against to bug or insect attacks but when I mixed...
  9. PTSDgrower

    PTSDgrower's Outdoor Adventures

    Promix/perlite Lighting: sun Strains: Yoda og from clone and everything else from seed: Berry bomb (2), Grape ape, Northern lights x Skunk #1, and Sour D PPM: 1000-1400 Floranova for 5 and 1 is getting nectar for the gods. Air temps: 85+ Humidity: Probably really high since there are in a green...
  10. AKgramma

    Mites and soilless grows

    Since I fight an unending battle with mites in my soil grows, I want to ask if using coco or other fiber plus inert additives will eliminate the mite problem? Hydro is out of the question because i cant haul water due to mobility problems.
  11. 420growguy

    Large Spider Mite infestation - Day 1 Flower! Help!

    Hi I have had my girl's on a 18/6 light cycle for the last 90 days now, at this point I've decided to flip the lights to 12/12, failing to recognize the enormous spider mite infestation, is there anything i cam do? or should i just let them flower and smoke the buds? Thanks everyone...
  12. T

    Strange pest found in garden

    Hey guys I will post pics shortly, but I found different types of bugs today and they have me a bit worried. The first was on a leaf, and I only found one, not as concerned about it as the second. They look and move somewhat like spiders, they are small and brown/black... They were in some soil...
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