1. N

    Chlorfenapyr Was Used In Veg

    Hey guys I need some advice, my local grow store suggested using a chlorfenapyr pesticide on some plants i had that were incredible russet mite infested. ( product was Piston Tr?) Not thinking we dosed the room but now after more research i'm afraid I may have agent oranged my girls. They are...
  2. IMG_20201204_111228_1.jpg


    1 of 3 tents with spider mite
  3. Closet Urban Grower

    Spider Mites?

    Hey I am hoping you can help me identify if these are spider mites and if I should be worried about them or if they are good for my soil? Thank you.
  4. Bill284

    Mites, pests

    Does anyone have any experience using my good green Ferminator plant wash for mites? Is there anything available in Canada you could recommend for Broad mites? Thanks
  5. Bill284


    Has anyone used ferminator plantwash for broad mites? Does it work? If not what works that is avalable in canada?
  6. W

    Not sure what to do, help please!

    How’s it going everybody! I’m fairly new to growing and have my own first grow tent up and running now, growing 5 Cotton Candy Kush. It’s a 4x4 with 1000w dimmable ballast, only running mh at 750 during veg currently. About 16 days in now since sprouting and have on 18/6 in fox farm ocean forest...
  7. whole sick plant.JPG

    whole sick plant.JPG

    whole plant pic. sick and deficient. root rot, root bound, post mites, and gnats
  8. A

    Mites: Need Help With A Go/No Go Decision

    Hey Everyone. Today I broke my most sacred cardinal rule by grabbing some rooted clones (clone only strain) from a foreign garden and bringing them home. I have always set this as a no-go boundary line because I have a clean garden and everyone I know who has had mites, got them from foreign...
  9. 19206349-672D-4065-ADA7-5E043EE42F8C.png


    Mites sign spotting
  10. Tripbag

    Tripbag's Soil White Widow Auto, Purple Kush, '91 K-OG Chemdawg Grow Journal 2019

    Hey there growers, I've started my first journal for my first indoor grow so that I can get well learned input, and look back at this time fondly, hopefully. I may have gone a bit overboard for a first time grow, but I was excited to get started after it became legal in Canada. I have a...
  11. A12EF237-B5C6-478E-ABE5-4F9D8F3BAF83.jpeg


    Thirps or mites ?
  12. F

    Are these spider mites bites? Need help!

    Hi, I dont know what the fuck is going on. Are these spider mite bites??? I've looked everywhere on the web and they do not seem like it. it seems to be happening to one plant only, but there are other marks like this on the other plants. I havent found any spots or any ''mites'' under the...
  13. R

    Question about white spots and possible spider mites

    Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm on my first grow. I have two plants that are about 2 weeks old. I noticed today that one leaf on one of the plants has a few white spots. It's my understanding that white spots are most often the result of spider mites. I have some Neem oil that I could spray the...
  14. Gardenseed

    Spider Mites & Saving My Crop

    So I was inspecting my girls last night. Changed the water in the reservoir to just plain water for the last two weeks of the harvest. One of the 5 was looking rather "droopy". Upon further inspection I discovered the ever infamous spider mite webs on the leaves. After considering the pros of...
  15. andIhalped

    Why I never spray for pests

    In my ragged corner of the continent, we usually have little problem with spider mites in normal summers, but we had a hot & dry one & in came the mites, not only on the cannabis, but just about everything else in the garden, too. I did my usual, hosing down on plants w/ water, which knocks...
  16. MackMcMacMac

    Do I have spider mites?

    First, the deets: Strain: auto/fem Tutankhamon (mostly sativa) from Pyramid Age: 32 days from sprouting Medium: FoxFarms Ocean Forest in 3-gallon felt pot inside a 5-gallon bucket (indoor grow) Water: Water in = pH 6, water out = pH 6. Source = dehumidifier collection Nutes: Added 0-10-10...
  17. R

    Bug Identification Required Please!

    Hey guys, I got three autos growing in promix hp, 3gal pots. The past couple weeks I've noticed a bug here and there. Very tiny and I could only ever find one at any given time and I'd try to find more, I would. Right now, all three plants are nearly 7 weeks old, I happened to check them...
  18. N

    6 weeks into flower - Now this

    Good afternoon 6 weeks into flower indoor grow...I find these webs, indication on leafs says spider mites, what if are my choices.. Thanks in advance
  19. C

    Powdery mold and spider mites

    I seem to have a major problem balancing my room to prevent both powdery mold and spider mites. If I keep the humdity percentage at 55 - 60% to prevent the powdery mildew, then I get a major attack of spider mites, and then if I up it, of course then powdery mold every where. I keep a fan...
  20. B

    Leaf problem second opinion - Soil grow

    I have two special queens and a delicious seeds cotton candy going right now. I had to chop a white widow last week because of this problem. I had what i believe was a spider mite problem and sprayed them with neem a month ago. It seemed to stop the bugs from eating my plants. I sprayed again...
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